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Flashing problems


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No I am using one off eBay but the same as the hakshop

Try changing around your TX and RX cables per the wiki suggestion.

For non-Alfa Console Board hookup
UART RX Pin —– Hornet TX Pin
UART TX Pin —– Hornet RX Pin
UART GND Pin —– Hornet GND Pin
(Take note of the cross between RX-TX)
DO NOT plug in the voltage pin.
***Depending on how the UART manufacturer labeled TX and RX, you may need to swap them if you don't see data in your terminal session.


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Same here, not able to press [1].

I see all the screen messages, see countdown 3 - 2- 1, but no response at my [1].

Have an original Alfa and an identical SparkFun.

Tried 3pc's 2x Win7 And WinXP.

Tried all the flow controls.

Tried Putty and Hyperterminal.

Tried a PC with a onboard Serial interface and a serial to usb-interface.

Going to buy some more interfaces.

These serial to ttl devices have flashed fonera's successfully before.

Maybe the 115200 is too fast.

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I'm having a similar problem, did you find a solution?

All I can think is that I may have accidentally blown the serial input with over voltage. I'm using a voltage divider circuit to knock down 5v UART to 3.3v, I worked the voltages out in theory but didn't actually measure it. I receive output from the hornet UART just fine.

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So ignore me being a fool. I don't know why I thought the board was using 3.3v levels - I just read on the OpenWRT site that it uses TTL levels. Patched the serial connection directly to my arduino rather than via the 3.3v divider and boom it works.

Better to have been cautious I guess, would have been really bummed if I blew the serial input!

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