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  1. hi boba fett, what I would do is go out and buy a USB hub, make sure it does not have any power feedback (http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28781-usb-hub/). this way you can have all the modules you want on the pendive and sill be using the Wifi Adapter. I recommend you use this one: Anker
  2. no it is not i re installed on two different windows computers i am thinking that the ttl uart is faulty i have checked over every thing so i orders another one to check. (waiting for it to come live in new zealand)
  3. i am seeing all the data in the terminal I just cant select 1 in the menu it just by passes it
  4. No I am using one off eBay but the same as the hakshop
  5. I followed the guide and every thing was right I have got the flow control set to none on putty and on the com port settings
  6. i have been trying to flash the hornet-ub board and when i get in to putty and load it up i can not select option 1. it just does the 3 second count down then it will just continue on to default one what is option 3 please help
  7. how did you guys not find them i just assumed that people had seen them
  8. i thought that this had already been covered with images but i could not find any thing on it and i want to change the images and the videos on all webpages.
  9. same thing here have tried almost every thing to fix it and no luck best bet buying another one they arnt that expensive but if you find a way yell out i have broken 2 of them
  10. woops I didn't even stop to thing about the size. but I am just going to get the 10000mHa, as I have plenty of room to work with and it gives me the 12v option for running all the usb stuff.
  11. wouldn't this one be better as you can have a higher voltage so the pineapple will run smoother? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005NGKR54
  12. Hey there I was playing around and I forgot what I set the port to is there any way of finding that out when I ssh in to it ?
  13. yer well i did all that and i have reformatted it 2 times and when i issue: mount | grep /usb it says that there is only the mount point /dev/sda1
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