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The new 50 GB free MEGA

Skorpinok Rover

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Hi Friends

I just registered for Internet " Fat Daddy " :mellow: kim dotcom's new megaupload https://mega.co.nz, it took 2 mins for to create a/c. i would glad to see your opinion's regarding this ....!

Thanks & Regards


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I think I read something on hacker news last night on the plane about them taking it semi-opensource. Because he is so hated by so many, people are stepping up and poking holes through all their code to show what a blow hard he is, but mega is turning it around and fixing it right away. Its kinda cool how they're taking lemons and making it lemonade.

I used megaupload all the time - back then it really did fix a problem I had (sending large files via email). Now I've got so many more legit options (dropbox, google drive, or just throw it on a VPS webserver) I really don't see a need for it anymore. Then again, 50GB FREE is pretty huge...


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Steve Gibson is going to have a look at how they have done security on the next security now (he promised to do so on the last one). I'm looking forward to see what he has to say.

This seems to have the potential to be a really great service. Assuming that the guy who runs it is really interested in privacy, it would be great to have something where users are in control of security, where he follows Steve Gibson's "trust no one" approach (rather than someone like the US phone companies or Myspace/Facebook who are proactive at giving the US government user's personal information), and that's really huge and free.

They have posted https://mega.co.nz/#blog_3'>a response to some of the criticisms. From what I can tell it in fact looks pretty good. I think the way it works, (and I'm just reading through their blog and some other sites) is that there is a master key that sits on their server, but which is encrypted with a key that only the user has.

The one problem identified is that assuming your connection to Mega is secure, Mega would be able to get to your master key if they sent you compromised javascript from their server which reported back to Mega once you gave it your personal key to unlock the master key. I don't think that is too big a deal, but assuming that you can also access your files through a public API and a 3rd party app that you trust, it's probably not a problem (that is if you don't want to trust Mega). That being said, it would probably be best to get the opinion of somebody who has spent more time on this than I have.

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I have to agree with telot, with the number of other legit options and better off the VPS/dedicated server route. I would rather take a bit more time setting up my own service than trusting someone else with my data. I use an opensource utility called Ajaxplorer and it has served all my needs for web and rsync uploading with me in full control. My $.02 but I can see him getting hacked and loosing users data someday :)

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