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  1. hexophrenic

    SANS Book

    digininja - where did you get that you get the books when you challenge the exam? I don't believe that is accurate. The only way to get the books legally now is to take the class itself in some form (or pass the GSE and upon renewal 4 years later you can get the books from any certification you have at that point for a fee plus shipping).
  2. I believe the key is stored in the BIOS and is read when you install Windows 10, but I am not certain about that.
  3. Veeam, TriLead/HP both have free options.
  4. I think the whole "have a talk with your children" thing is a card a little over-played, especially (and I am not saying who does or doesn't - just speaking to generalities) by people who do not have children. With ISPs threatening to shut off internet due to "piracy" I think it warrants a much closer look at what is going on than just having a chat with your children. As Churchill said, "trust but verify." Windows Family Safety stinks. I have not been able to manage one of my computers for weeks because Live states it is not available, the time limits often get confused about what time they are supposed to shut off (both amount of screentime and curfew settings). I think one of the easiest ways to manage this is to simply use OpenDNS. They are free (cheap if you want more control) and if your kids are circumventing this (good on them, they might have a chance) then try harder.
  5. Sophos UTM - free for home use. Current version - 50ip limit (ipv4 and ipv6 on one device count as two IPs for license). Next version (beta currently available) - free for home use, unlimited IPs, hardware limited to 4cpus/6gb ram, no IP limits. Awesome functionality for the price, runs great in ESXi.
  6. Start your own company and make your own rules, or get a job elsewhere that is more progressive. What you are asking could well get you fired (or worse, especially if something "bad" happened as a result of your actions).
  7. Teamviewer would work in this instance (or Gotomypc or the ilk).
  8. or just use google: gps site:forums.hak5.org
  9. You know that is a scanner, not an exploit, right? You will not get a sessions using either of these modules, typically only output on the screen.
  10. Don't use purge unless you are certain what you are doing.
  11. oclhashcat is kind of large, nearly 3G by itself. exploitdb may also be a large package. metastploit is largish, but I suspect you might want to keep that one.
  12. Glad its working. On to real work now, huh?
  13. I know they are shifting people to mirrors now, I just noticed that due to proxy auth errors in one of my systems. Perhaps some of the mirrors are not complete yet.
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