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Wifi Pineapple as a Wireless Access Point Scanner?


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I have recently inherited a Wifi Pineapple (Holiday Bundle) from a co-worker. From my research, my understanding is that the main usage is to use this as a man in the middle tool. We are currently working on a project to scan for access points throughout our buildings and determine if there are any unauthorized access points (I was told I should be able to do this when I received the tool).

Current Configuration:

- Wifi Pineapple Mark IV

- Windows 7

- 2.4 GHz 7dBi Indoor Panel Antenna

- Pineapple Juice power supply

- Currently have this configured as stated in the booklet and have been able to connect to the Pineapple interface.


1. Can this be used as a wireless scanner?

2. Will my Wifi Pineapple configuration support this? or do I need anything else?

3. Do I need any other software (preferably freeware)?

4. Is there an easier way that I should try and abandon using the Wifi Pineapple for this project?

I am very new to this tool so any and all help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

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Personally I wouldn't use the pineapple for this at all. Kismet is what you want to use. It's in Backtrack if you don't want to install linux on a laptop.

I used to use these little guys when I worked for the school district in AK.


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First off, Barry, what are you holding out on us dude? What are those things and for the love of god take my money NOW. They look like Sharp made badass zipit's on crack!

Anyways, what you're looking for Seek0380, is a WIPS (or really WIDS) - a Wireless Intrusion Detection/Prevention System. That is almost exactly opposite of what the pineapple is/does. The pineapple is by very definition a rogue access point, which is exactly what WIPS detect and contain. Meraki has a free access point you can get by watching one of their webinars. It has a feature called Air Marshal, which is WIPS. Get one of those for sure. Keep in mind though, in my initial testing the meraki has not yet detected a karma'd rogue access point hehe. It does however detect every other legit access point in my house/neighborhood.

If you want to learn about wifi and get to know the low-ish level stuff, you can do the same thing with an Alfa card (or the pineapple) in monitor mode. This is the fun/cool/hackerish way. I would highly recommend doing it with an alfa card, as its much more supported, and that way you don't have to mess with the pineapples workings (pass it along to a friend who will use it what its intended instead :).

Step 1: Plug in Alfa AWUS036H to laptop

Step 2: Open up virtual machine running Backtrack

Step 3: Forward the alfa to the virtual machine (the alfa may show up as Realtek)

Step 4: Open terminal and type: airmon-ng start wlan0

Step 5: Type in airodump-ng mon0

Step 6: Enjoy seeing every access point (hidden ssid or not) within range


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Those my friends are the Sharp Zaurus SL-C3200 and SL-C3100. They run linux natively, and these two guys were running debian. I had kismet running on both, but only had one cf wifi card... I also compiled Dragorn's spectools to work with the wi-spy spectrum analyzer. Believe it or not but I actually got the 3200 to successfully crack a wep network with cowpatty! Took it two days, and I had to leave it plugged in. I also had the SL-6000W which had built in wifi.


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It's a Sharp Zaurus SL-C3100 and SL-C3200 and I cant find them for sale anywhere : (


Holy shit! That brings back memories!

They show up on fleabay every now and then.

Dragorn has pcap capture for android now, he's getting closer to kismet for our phones. Now if I could just get my usb otg cable modded so I can inject power both ways.

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