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[Firmware] Twin Duck - Reloaded!


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Brought to you by popular demand.....

The Twin Duck version 2.

So whats different since before Xmas?

VID & PID controlled by binary file vidpid.bin (like other v2 firmware)

WARNING: You need a valid VID & PID of a composite device to function correctly!

Rather than having hardset instructions, and language dependencies. It will now read inject.bin (language independent), payload auto triggered (need long delay), replay payload upon pressing the Ducky's button.

So now you have Mass Storage and truly configurable HID injection.

Happy Quacking New Year!


PS. HID Injection via inject.bin is currently limited to 4KB, each keypress is currently represented as 2-Bytes

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Holy shit its happened! Thanks midnitesnake!

Now to figure out how to upgrade my old duck...


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Already got it going :) Now to figure out how to wire up a better switch that can be used with the case on it...

Thanks agian midnitesnake


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Hi Snake.

First of all, thank you so much for writing the composite firmware for the Ducky. What an excellent work!

Question for you: is the code in the link below, the exact code for the Twin Duck described here?

I ask because I loaded the .hex file from the ZIP file, but haven't been able to do this:

"People were worried about driver load times affecting their payloads. So S001 uses keyboard LEDs as the HID trigger; NUM/CAPS/SCROLL LOCK all trigger 1x payload inject.bin."


Keep up the excellent work.



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That still looks like the demo code from before Xmas. Still works though ;) (hid instructions are in the file marked ui.c) just need to combine it with the HID_duck source :P .

Put your dev hat on B) , and frankenstein the code together.

I'm currently away from my machine with all the Ducky code, Ill post the updated source as soon as possible..... How does 2/1/2013 (1st Feb) sound for a countdown... 9 days to go! :rolleyes:

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Just saw the src code there. Thank you so much.

Works like a charm. When I press the ducky's button, it executes the injection.bin in the drive.

I haven't figured out how to do that through the keyboard, though. What's the combination of keys? (NUMLOCK or SCROLLLOCK, or their combination, doesn't seem to work)

Thanks a lot.


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Now if I gave you all the answers.... you wouldn't necessarily learn anything.

If you look at the similarities of the HID and Multi-HID source, you should be able to work it out.

If you have any questions, I'm willing to answer them.

If you can work out the source, I will consider bringing you into the community development team to help out! (Applies to anyone) So please forgive the staged information feed. Consider it an initiation test :)

I could sure use the help!

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