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[Firmware] Introducing Naked Ducky Firmware


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Multi-payloads - codenamed "Naked Ducky"


Long awaited I know.

Its called m_duck.hex, can also be found in the svn repo.

Its not the best piece of firmware I was hoping for, and its rather limited in its application. But you can now trigger multiple payloads!

You need to create 3 files on the sdcard, and have a naked ducky (no case)

1. inject.bin - default; ducky will always run this on insertion into a computer

2. inject2.bin

3. inject3.bin

Now how do we trigger inject2/3.bin???

With the ducky still connected and naked (no case, sucks I know), enable NUMLOCK (inject2.bin) or enable CAPSLOCK (inject3.bin).

Then push the reset switch on the naked duck, to trigger the 2nd/3rd payload.

Not the best solution I know. But I havnt had a lot of time this last year on ducky development. And for those interested I still havnt solved the composite problem of having both HID and Mass Storage Support.

Been stuck on solving this problem where you can select different payloads based on keyboard lights, without resetting the Ducky - Fail on my part :(

Please, Test the new firmware, and report problems here.



PS. I tried to put a copy of the the files needed to flash the ducky on the website above, if I've missed anything please let me know.

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