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Does anyone know anything solid about this supposed closed door meeting that some governments are having in regards to supposed Internet Censorship? I got one of those emails from Google, but it didn't really have a whole lot of solid information about what this meeting is, other than what I just said. This is the first I've heard about this ITU, and would like to know if anyone has any kind of info about it. Thank you.

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The proposed bills failed I do believe... On the contrary; Police now need a WRITTEN search warrant from a judge before viewing ANY emails. Before this bill passed; the last law written about email privacy was in 1986... a wee bit outdated, huh? Well, the Justice system doesn't always fail... and I think this is one win for us!


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I'd imagine it would be an automated system that would watch for suspicious and/or illegal activity. I highly doubt they have the manpower to sit there and literally go through every single packet unless it was for a person of interest, but a machine could do it easy. Hell they already dump all of our hotmail/gmail/yahoo email data to a storage server "just in case", I wouldn't be surprised if they did something similar but with all of this data. I guess we'll really just have to wait and see what happens.

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A win?? Isn't as bad....??

DPI can be as gnarly as it sounds, especially without any standard or boundaries as to what that encompasses and where it can be used. It is used most often to analyze packets at the edge of your network/point of ingress/egress, determine good or bad, and route or block accordingly

However, with the right technology and motivation applied, it can be used for other more nefarious purposes, especially by governments or entities under government regulation and control who apply that technology on the backbone.

This means that some unelected group of whoevers could potentially have the authority to look at whatever they want in packets AND do with whatever....for instance, gleaning signing keys. This means that they can grab encryption keys and start looking at even encrypted comms, decrypting at will and looking at content, reconstructing sessions, etc, etc, etc.

This is definitely not a win.

Couple this with the Bluffdale Utah data center the FedGov/NSA is building with OUR TAX DOLLARS...5 ZETABYTES of storage, and they're copying data on EVERYONE, INCLUDING US citizens....just storing it all away....AND...the FBI has full access to it. NOW.

Google up: NSA whistleblower giant data center

The ITU can go f**k itself with the Bluffdale Data Center. Shit just got serious if this goes anywhere...and it will.

Carnivore, anyone?

Eschelon, anyone?

Those were the commodore 64s of what's to come...and I don't mean "kitchy and cool".

Some food for thought:



Do some research and watch this crap unfold...it's definitely not a win, and definitely not good.

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Wow... not really a surprise, though. There is a ton of data centers across the US and the globe. Are these going to make us "safe"? Probably not. Will it ruin some people; most definitely. Will it end our world? That is still up in the air...

What is the need for such centers? Hmmmm.... bet ya the Patriot act has similar decrees.

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