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  1. I wouldn't necessarily say all thinkpads are thick and heavy. I bought a Thinkpad X201 (non-tablet) on ebay for $180, a 256gb SSD and another 4GB ram stick (total 8) and it's a pretty fantastic laptop for systems and network administration, especially with how portable the 12.1" form factor is to hold with one arm while working in network cabinets. If you need to run a ton of VMs it might not be the best course but if you have a dedicated ESXi system and Vmware Workstation or something along those lines it's great (I Just VPN to my home lab and spin up my poweredge 2950 over the DRAC for lab w
  2. We use Novatime where I work and it seems to integrate pretty nicely if your budget is open to it. We run it on our oldest server (2003) and it's going fine. It might have what you need so look into it if you want, maybe get a demo of it?
  3. Radau


    Last I heard it was still waiting on an audit, until then I wouldn't use it for anything remotely sensitive.
  4. 1. Not sure why you'd go listing peripherals and useless things in your Specs/Pics, but that's your deal. 2. Don't "Dox" people and attempt to intimidate them based on that. He's technically running a business and is most likely more than aware that he is easily found online. 3. These services are legal, plenty of small businesses use them over here on the West Coast. 4. I wouldn't go off saying "Real hackers view you as a lamer", since this is technically a cracking service, and the hacker definition covers a vast amount of groups, too vast to discern between fake and real. I personally
  5. They're pretty split if you ask me. Fallout 3 didn't have the best story but exploring the wasteland was great, and the mods that existed were fantastic. New Vegas had a pretty tightly wound storyline but I found the exploration to be a bit lacking and even slow feeling. To each his own I suppose, but that's my take on it.
  6. Lost me too, I understand there are apps for wardriving now but I don't get what you mean after that.
  7. Well the petition that got to the white house is supported by them unlike many of the other petitions that reached it, so there may be a shot at eliminating this.
  8. Depends what Vpn provider you're going through. Don't route it to your house or a free vpn if you want to stay hidden. AirVPN has been a pretty good one at $21 for 3mo with multiple locations to choose from. I hear nvpn is good too, that one usually gets recommended around Hackforums so you could look into it as well
  9. I'm pretty sure you need to root it to get tethering working, though you could use FoxFi to create an access point that would feed off of your data and connect to that, I don't think that requires root access. I'd say you could probably get away with a Droid 4 or something along the lines of that, it really depends what you mean by "basic".
  10. As it is it gets the job done when throwing it off of a switch with PfSense as the gateway. The setup is definitely better than the boxes that comcast gives you by default... lol. I guess for about 30 minutes of my time and a phone call it's great, but all the greatness in the world wont stop my Desktops wireless card from sucking so I just went cable with that, it's a gaming PC anyways. :) The only downside I suppose would be the fact that you can't do much locally, sure there's a landing page for basic diagnostics but if your gateway goes down and the power cycles... well... you have an open
  11. I haven't opened mine up since it's my primary AP for my PfSense box. I guess this is kind of the problem with it being "cloud managed".
  12. That may be difficult, it gets everything through their website, that's why if you hook it up without a connection all of your settings are just gone. At least that's how mine is set up, you may be able to mod it though.
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    Steam group for those interested: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/thenewtech
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