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Does Microsoft Rule The Corporate World?


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I have been on quite a few "entry-level" interviews lately, and it seems that every company big or small mainly works with Windows. I know the general consensus in most circles is that "Windows blows". So where are all of the big bad linux boxes, and if my future is windows then how do I transistion back from linux?(I kept trying to use linux commands)

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People say Windows blows,but it runs 90% of all corporate shops, and no escaping it. Get used to it. For the most part its no so much Windows that is an issue, as much as I detest Exchange and maintaining active directory when its so easy to screw the pooch with a domain controller from a few mis-configured settings. Also, most everything today, requires a combination of GUI and Power Shell to complete tasks, something that to me, defeats even using the GUI all together if you still have to open Power Shell to enter some convoluted command to finish setting up a mailbox for someone. Still, you aren't going to see many companies with roll outs of uBuntu on the lan as main desktops, and most everything on the backend will be a combination of Server 2003/2008 as domain controllers with some mix of linux file servers and firewalls helping round out the mix. Reason being, most "users" are going to be running XP(still) Vista Business, or Windows 7 on the desktop and all the software they run will be windows based for 99% of everything they do, from Customer Service to office personnel, to everyone on the lan other than certain IT people who manage storage arrays and the network side of things.

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digip nailed it. One thing I would add is that windows7 for the user doesn't blow that much. They really did a pretty dang good job with it. If kept up to date, its pretty secure. You pretty much have to be a royal dumbass and download/run a bad exe to get into trouble with windows7. Theres no huge gaping holes like that of XP (i.e. theres no rpc dcom vuln). Now I'm just talking about windows7 here, NOT internet explorer. The most recent IE is decent, for now - but that will soon end. Every previous iteration of IE has been riddled with holes and exploited a hundreds times over, and I see no evidence that their latest and greatest won't befall the same fate. The same goes for most browsers - BeEF and msf browser autopwn will just thrash a browser. But thats not what we're talking about here (I think...)

Yes, for the sysadmin, a windows world can be annoying from what I've heard - I sysadmin ubuntu/centos and my life is AWESOME. Just using windows7 though, whats there to complain about? Every piece of commercial software ever invented runs on windows first, gaming rocks, and its pretty secure these days.

I still run OSX, but only because I love apples hardware - I'm able to do that only because I run at least one Windows7 VM at all times :D


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Having been a windows centric systems admin for a number of years I can confirm that most of the largest companies in the world rely in large part on Windows systems. Why? I think it's because of the interoperability of all of the various different systems that are available.

You have your directory services which provide authentication (user accounts)

Email is obviously the life blood of most companies these days

Granular file sharing

Internal messaging

The list goes on and on

Another reason you don't see a lot of hybrid shops is because operating one is extremely difficult to achieve correctly.

So if you have active directory for users already, it makes sense to use at least some of the different servers that integrate with it.

I currently work in an organization that uses linux and windows for web hosting functions and it's quite a pain in the ass setting up certain rules for linux servers which aren't required for their Microsoft counter parts.

Now don't get me wrong, there are definitely extremely large, and I'm sure Fortune 500 companies that use only linux, but they're extremely few and far between.

Ultimately you'll go where the money leads, and in my professional experience, there's always going to be a need for qualified people who know their way around a microsoft system.

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Digip: Also, most everything today, requires a combination of GUI and Power Shell to complete tasks, something that to me, defeats even using the GUI all together if you still have to open Power Shell to enter some convoluted command to finish setting up a mailbox for someone.

Classic ;)

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Wait until you guys start deploying Server 2012! What a piece of shit that's turning out to be....

Microsoft's problem is they try to be to backwards compatible and legacy supportive, and in doing so, they leave the corporate lan open to machines like Windows 2000, XP, and in some shops, Windows 98(although mostly through use of a combination of Windows Server and Novell Directory Services). If they forged a path for Windows 7 and Server 2008, and just worked from there as their core base, with new enhancements and no radical maneuvers to require having to take a new MCSE or whatever they label it now, course, to learn all the new power shell combinations of shit to work with the GUI, they'd have a solid base to work from but with every new release, they delve more and more into Powershell, which by the way comes installed by default in Vista and later operating systems, and if you wanted to you can reverse compile from hex binaries that pass windows and anti-virus tests in most cases, leaving the OS open to attack from within itself. If you want to be called windows, but trying to give admins more cli control, change your underlying OS to a *nix based Kernel and call yourself Linux.

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