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Firmware Md5 Failed!?


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I don't know if this is your issue, but I can tell you I had the same problem. When I went to upgrade my MK IV from firmware 2.4.1 to the stable version 2.5.0 through the web interface on Oct 1st, I got the md5 sum corresponding to 2.5.0 from the web interface, but the firmware I got when I used the web interface's link was not version 2.5.0, but rather version 2.6.4. So, the web interface was trying to check the wrong md5 sum. I just made sure to grab the correct version here:


And another thing, too, was I had to rename the file from upgrade-2.5.0.bin to upgrade.bin before it would successfully flash via the web interface.

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gmgfarrand / I have noticed after having the same problem in the beginning that there is a little space in front of the collon ":". An example would be (MD5: 7e5aee35609aa2d5561e58384dda8cf3). Make sure to include that space when you are selecting the MD5. Hope this helps...


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