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  1. Wifi Pineapple MK4 with USB HUB and FLASH loaded with infusions. I'll ship for free in the USA, outside of that, YOU pay shipping.
  2. Both drives I have tried have worked fine in previous FW versions... very odd....
  3. I have been running with included POWER adapter the whole time... The flash has been reformatted a few times already.. will do again later.
  4. Didn't happen until AFTER latest firmware... Going to try rolling back...
  5. If I plug in the Flash Drive when the pineapple is off, it never boots up, the PWR light is on and the WPS keeps flashing. if I plug in the Flash Drive when the pineapple is on, USB blinks a few times, then all the lights except PWR go out, then WPS starts flashing.. What gives?
  6. I upgraded to the current stable release, and when I plug in my USB flash that I have been using all along to store modules.. It seems to crash and the WPS light blinks.. only other light on is PWR... I have taken the flash and reformatted with EXT4 and even used another flash drive. What am I missing?
  7. I would but it doesnt see my USB flash drive with all my modules... Boooo.... More reading I see... :)
  8. CHANGELOG!?!? Who reads those!? ;) Yep... that fixed. it
  9. Got it flashed... Just cant get to the interface now... Sigh...
  10. Downloaded the DEV version, still no love.... Tells me MD5 is bad, and when I check it, its not the same as posted.
  11. I tried to download and upgrade the firware from the bin file FROM the pineapple interface, and manually downloaded the file from the forum, same thing... Tells me the MD5SUM doesnt match... What gives?
  12. I did this for a "blackbox" Inside is a 4 port USB HUB, an ALFA, and my AIRPCAP-NX, with a waterproof USB connector on the side. Might try to put it in something smaller..
  13. Thats a bit much.. :) I can stuff alot of crap in that! On the same kind of style: http://www.toy-gun.com/kids-safe-military-ammo-can-30-cal/
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