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-Pineapple V2 With Mark 3 Firmware- I Cant Get Phish.log To Log Anything


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Hello i have been trying to make the dns spoofing and phishnet work on my my pineapple v2 mark3 firmware. The following link helped me the most http://cloud.wifipin...ednsspoofing . I did manage to redirect the traffic and spoof url sucessfull. However, the part i am stuck is that i still cannot manage to see any logs in /www/pineapple/phish.log so the fishnet in the mark 3 (mark iii) is not displaying anything to me.

here is what i have done with no success in capturing logs in the phishnet:


like i said i can redirect the dns and spoof the url fine but i just dont see logs in www/pineapple/phish.log. when i type a login and pass on the spoofed url and ip i see the error.php flash on the url bar for a quick second.

can somebody please shed some light on this one?

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Well, from just having a quick look it seems everything works correctly on the redirection side and on the getting to the error.php site.

What you need to know is that error.php looks for a $_POST[name]. Facebook doesn't send that, it sends a $_POST.

You would have to modify the facebook.html file.

What I would also like to point out is that the pineapple should not be used in an environment where you have not gotten permission from the clients. In other words, do not use it for illegal actions.

Best Regards,


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Off topic and I guess I really shouldn't say anything since Seb didn't but I think it's enough to ask a question once, in one thread.. If you haven't been answered in a couple of days then you might bump your question, but please don't nag.

Sorry for my butt in :P

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