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Alfa R36 Mod Any Suggestions?


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Hello everyone im new to the forms but ive been following hak5 videos for sometime now and ive learned alot now ive seen theres alot of talent and skills on here and im 20 years old and i love backtrack and linux platforms but always run a orcale vm on windows :/. so today i have a r36 from alfa i got it earlier this month to go with my awus036h its cool for sharing the wifi ive grabbed around but does anyone have any firmware or scripts that can be ran on it? well i hope to get some postive if any feed back thanks.


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Welcome to the forums Imgonza,

If you are referring to the wifipineapple firmware, I am sorry to disappoint but because it is not an atheros chipset the firmware will not run on the r36.

If you simply want to have some fun with it and install OpenWRT on it, check out this thread on the OpenWRT forums.

In terms of scripts, what were you thinking of?

Best Regards,


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This is not a paper weight in fact I think it will be really helpful.

1. You can set it up as a normal access point. ( Something to use as a Test Point aka BurgerKing wifi when at your house)

2. Have it provide the backpack services to a pineapple

3. It should run all the programs the pineapple does except for karma and maybe the module system. ( copy the pineapples www folder over and install the pkgs needed for each module)

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