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  1. MadHak Awesome Setup! Wish to one day be able to build up to a similiar set! Now my only question is is dx.com legit ive read alot of reviews but seeing that you have used it would you recommend any sellers? Thanks!
  2. I still sport the 36h For range and plug in play on both the linux and windows 7 platforms the 036nha is less sensitive from my experience less AP's show up but still gets upto 64 mpbs with only two bars ! Depending the use both are awesome! So far would recommend the 7dbi panel antenna over the stock 5dbi antenna haven't received my grid antenna i ordered from alfa yet so will keep ya posted (not for practical starbucks set up lol but for extra range testing)! hope this helped some. -lmgonza
  3. Indeed a great app tons of media on there always something to watch would check that out if you need something on the go or just for everyday entertainment -lmgonza
  4. I'd keep in mind that promoting or mentioning of cracking neighbors wifi is illegal id reword that post to be on the safe side what you do with the software is completely upto you cool script tho. -lmgonza
  5. using ddos ive seen it happen in my FreetoPlay Game Warrock and nubs would constantly dos people in game off the server so they could pwn the other team my point is he just wants to show off that he can do something to other players ( not saying that it is what he wants but could possibly)and if truely he was interested he should have used everyone's best friend google and learned a thing or two before coming as a last resort here im not a pro nor do i claim to be but as someone young who love's technology for what it has become and is becoming i wouldn't offer or encourage anyone to do so unless they truely have a network to secure and in this case clearly they dont because they dont even understand the ddos concept let alone know what it is. Ethier way good luck with what your goal is and hope this isnt some illegal plan of yours theres tons of great minds who've been caught up you'd be no match. Just speaking my two cents whether it was needed or not my thought on it . -lmgonza
  6. Well if anyone can send me to a payload like the first one id be appreciated thanks!
  7. Where should i look to load my first payload on my 8gig sandisk cruzer ? i usually tend to carry hirens bootdisc in one drive and bt5 in another is there a way to have both on the same drive? Thanks
  8. Got it up and going thanks for the help now my last question is do i need a grid antenna or something bigger then a 7dbi panel antenna to get the same reach as my 36h gets or is it a completely different playing field as far reach and signal sensitivity i get around 10 to 15 3 to 5 bar ap's with my 36h and only around 4 to 5 aps with 2 or 3 bars max but i can connect at 65mpbs compared to 54mpbs on the 36h well if i can get any more feed back id appreicate it greatly thanks! -lmgonza
  9. Loaded BT5 KDE R3 32Bit as a dual boot and the card seemed to work but pulled weak signals nothing good everything was 88- and above well unusable i used the same 7 dbi panel antenna i use on my 36h and it was kept timing out trying to use reaver with it my 36h pulled the same signals between 50- and 75- any suggestions or should i just give up on it.
  10. Thank you guys for all the help and pointing me in the right direction i appreciate it. Will let you guys know how it goes
  11. Now im really going to sound like a hakling so can i make bt5 a dual boot with windows os or should i download Ubuntu and make that my Main Os and go from there?
  12. Yeah i tried a couple of new ones and even the one that was powering my current alfa 36h and when i go to iwconfig theres no interface that shows up for the 36nha no sign of the atheros chipset
  13. Im currently using Orcale Vm I downloaded all 3 bt5R1-3 Kde iso ran each one installed each on a a seprate virtual drive 100 Gigs each just to be safe i updated each one after install but still no signs of it only shows up on windows 7 ult 32bit but not in the VM i made sure to have the usb added to the list of devices i can get my 36h up and going but no signs of the 36nha Thank you for your reply -lmgonza
  14. My name is Daniel aka lmgonza Favorite game: WarRock lol Favorite OS: A free one but Xp Pro and Ubuntu Favorite console: dont own one but i prefer xbox360 console controllers Nationality: American Accent: none Sex: Male Age: 20 old enough to go to big boys lock up yet not old enough to drink legally Race: Mexican American Height: 6"1 Status: single Favorite band: anything with bass Favorite book: Ghost in the wires Favorite author: Every man and women who can teach me something new Favorite movie: wargames,the block,leon the professional,gone in 60 seconds. Billy Madison Favorite TV Show: the big bang theory ( as corny and sometimes unfunny but yet entertaining for me) and of course Hak5 brought to you by domain.com lol Favorite actor: well itd have to be kevin hart or adam sandler i like comedy Favorite actress: none really Favorite Pinup: Vida,Kim K, and how can i leave out JLo ;) Other hobbies: computers, games, and computer games Car: 1973 Camaro Occupation: Deciding where to take my education ( just got laid off a computer technician job)
  15. Thank you i did have some fun setting it up as a AP and taking over with the pineapple to see what was in the air.
  16. Well ive tried everything that i know (apparently not much) Used airmon-ng didnt show up ,iwconifg and nothing should up, i made sure it was plugged in swapped usb cables shows up on virtual usb and then nothing. I plug in my alfa 36h and bam works no problem. Should i down grade to BT5R1? Well anyhelp or pointers are once again appreicated thank you !
  17. Hey guys i dont know if this tread is still alive but hopefully i can get some assistance i just recived my alfa awus036nha from the hak5 shop and i cant seem to find it on bt5r3 kde is it not compitable with it? i checked to see it was on the usb list, i did airmon-ng, iwconfig and it didnt show up( does show up on windows 7 ultimate 64 but pulling weak signals lower then my 36h) then i restarted it added my 36h and no problem. and i swapped usb cords i restarted my computer unistalled reinstalled drivers from alfa website then ran driver genius and still nothing well any help would be appreicated thanks !
  18. Thank you for the reply il check that out tonight and well i really didnt have anything specific its currently a paper weight i shouldn't have bought but anything to put it to any use would be fine. Any suggestions on that?
  19. Hello everyone im new to the forms but ive been following hak5 videos for sometime now and ive learned alot now ive seen theres alot of talent and skills on here and im 20 years old and i love backtrack and linux platforms but always run a orcale vm on windows :/. so today i have a r36 from alfa i got it earlier this month to go with my awus036h its cool for sharing the wifi ive grabbed around but does anyone have any firmware or scripts that can be ran on it? well i hope to get some postive if any feed back thanks. -Gonza
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