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moving windows


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yeah i didnt think it would work that way but i wanted to move it becausei have it on an old 120 gig hard dirve, and i got a new 200 gig much faster drive for my birthday and i wanted to swap in the 200 as my internal hard drive and use my 120 as an external and im not wanting to have to reinstall windows cause i have it set up fairly nice the way i like it so i kinda just wanna move the whole system from the one drive to the other. ive heard of it being done but im not sure how

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I have no idea if this would work.. but what if you copy over the image and then install windows on top of that... according to Vako this will wont kill your data.. that combined with "Windows File And Settings Transfer Wizard" should give you what you started with...

now all you need is someone who knows what there talking about to tell you if this will work or not.

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2 Options:

1: Image the current harddrive to the new one. Norton Ghost (i think) or something like that. As sparda says, it just copies the drive bit-for-bit. Should work ok.

2: Do a clean install of windows and use the MS settings transfer wizard to do copy the settings.

When you reinstall XP over XP you have an option to just remove the current windows install (the XP dir etc) leaving anything which isn't windows intact. Then it reinstalls a fresh copy of XP in its place. This doesn't copy any settings, and all your programs + windows updates will need reinstalling. But it does mean that if you only have one HD, you don't have to backup the lot to optical media if windows borks.

If you really really don't want to start again with windows, i'd go with the first option. Never done it myself but my dad swears by it and he's been working with computers for longer than i've been alive.

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I agree. Ghost it - if you do a disk-to-disk clone, it resizes automatically. If you still want to use the old HD with the windows installation on it, you might have some SID problems, not not mention some legal ones if you don't have licenses. That's how we copy HD's at work where we manage 700 (almost) identical systems, anyway.

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