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Mk Iv Debrick


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So I just recieved my MK iv pineapple. Fired it up and after some poking, went to install the latest firmware via the web interface. No idea how it happened, but something went terribly wrong. Basically it's bricked and no communication via wifi or ethernet. I'm familiar with openwrt on many platforms but this one is new to me.

Googling around I looked at the flash procedures for the hardware. I lack one of thier official console boards but hacked something together from a usb to serial adapter to the pins on the board. I get what appears to be the bootup output on the console but it's coming up as garbage on the official setings of 115200-8-n-1.

If I cant tell the hardware to tftp a firmware, I'm kinda screwed.

Of course all of this has to happen just as I'm about to head to a conference and wanted to show off the pineapple.

Suggestions for de-bricking?


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