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Can't get this hack off my script


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I'm hoping one of you Gods of the coding universe can help me with this issue. I used to live in NJ and ran a small sign company for 3 years. I moved down south and decided to purchase an exsisting one and figured why not work for myself. So, I purchased this small company with all the equipment and goodwill. Here's the problem...

I never "turned" on his pc before I bought this place and the one the program I HAVE to use, SignLab ver7.0, has a little box message that pops up in the middle of the screen saying "Cracked by team signmaker 2006". The guy I bought this business moved to CA and now...I cant get ahold of him. The business is good but I dont want that message on this program. Can someone tell me how to get this off so that it won't come up again? I think....and I'm not for sure...but it's a "texfile" made by slash? I assume after looking at this program, he obtained this program from the internet. When I right click on the browser screen at the bottom when it loads, it says "Splash built on .....coding by Comrade". Can anyone help me get this off?

Thanks a Million!!!

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"Cracked by team signmaker 2006"

This means that the program is apparently for sale and rather than buy a copy they guy who installed it likely obtained an illegal version from a source that's not necessarily legitimate.

The only way to remove this message is to uninstall the application and buy a copy.

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Just pay the damned 1100 bucks for the real deal.

Yes, it'll take a while to recoup the cost, but it beats getting intimate with Bubba.


- Get an anti-nagware program that can kill popups.

- Get a different crack for the same (version of the) software that doesn't include Leet Cracker Dickswinging.

But really, if you're gonna run a business, pay for the damned software. It's nice to be able to call support when stuff breaks down, you know? If you feel the guy you bought the crap from screwed you over, sue the prick and get that out of the way. Don't make this company pay for your mistake.

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Ditto what Cooper said... running a business, you really don't need the hassle of illegal software and the possibilty of being caught using or owning it.

I'd recommend uninstalling that program ASAP and buy the real thing.

As Cooper also said, the guy who sold you the business may have known that software was on there and intentionally sold it to you... I assume this is the basis of your company or at least provides a central tool for a portion of it so you may be able to take legal action against the guy for selling you illegal software and since it's part of a business deal it is classed as a big thing.

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Thats like running a graphic design company with warez photoshop, or a web dev company with warez dreamweaver and flash. You just dont do it unless you have a goodenought lawyer to get you out of a situation that you are obviously in the wrong.

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You could also fire up your copy of IDA and find the call to MessageBoxA somewhere near the entry point, and completely NOP it out.

(NOP shellcode=0x90)

But I would reccomend buying the software if it's for buisness use.

(I would go with option 2 if you plan on making money)

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