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My first linux :D


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hey guys i am kinda a noob hacker (not old enough to get a lot of experience)

I want to make a linux live CD but i'm not really sure how... Also will it run on my MacBook? I've tryed googling it and havent found much. i even tryed that iBuild thing but the download link was a dead link. Any help would be appreciated greatly.

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i have a intel macbook non pro also i didnt mean to design a whole distro just how to put it on the disk and use it. Also could you please suggest a good beginners distro?

I downloaded knoppix, but im not sure what to do with all of the files that are in the folder i got it from ummm *cough cough* torrent *cough cough*

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Insted of making your own distro, why not find a distro that is easily modified... not one comes to mind right of the bat but i know there are ALOT that you can add/remove your own tools from and change basic things... that may satisfy your needs.

I don't know if Knoppix runs on the Intel Mac books but I know there are distrobutions that can. Ubuntu can, as for a 'learners' distrabution, Ubuntu is easy to install, as is openSuSE (formaly SuSE). As for burning a Linux distro to disk, check out this episode of Linux Reality.

definitely... after sparta said the first thing about linux reality i downloaded and episode, since then ive downloaded all the episodes to a disk and have been listing to them in my truck for 3 days now... anyone intrested in linux should listen, its runs a little slow, but its awesome.

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