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  1. So I am downloading ubuntu right now. I wanted to make a partition on my laptop (Mac laptop) for Linux so I can boot either OS X or linux. I don't know the best way to do this. I think for me the best way to learn linux is to do linux, so I wanted to make a small partition on my laptop for learning. Any ideas for the best way to go about it?
  2. (See title above) We need a place to have some flaming fun with the noobs PS : I Like the idea of "The Flaming Pit" :)
  3. -----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK----- Version 3.1 GB/CS/IT/MU/S/P d++(+)@ s: a---- C++ L+ U? W++ w--- O? M++ V? PS++ PE- Y++(+)@ PGP++ t- 5- X R+ tv+ b+++ DI+ D+ G e- h-- r z -----END GEEK CODE BLOCK------
  4. So I just dropped my white Macbook... It kinda cracked the bottom. Everythings fine, but I want to MOD it to make it look cool or like I didnt drop it. any ideas? On a completely other note my school is offering an ethical hacking course next year :) Looking forward to that. But for some reason a prerequisite is a moral development course... I wonder why....
  5. I just was watchin TV and saw an add for the new thing thats called dell connect. Its included with all new dells and allows customer service people to remotely access your screen and do suff for you on your computer. Couldn't this be a major security flaw? i mean like black hat things like deleting crucial files and such through remote access. What do you guys think. PS - Not asking for the way to do this just some opinions, although it is amusing watching the massive flaming of people asking how to hack this or that...
  6. Its kinda sad, my friends think i'm a hacker, that thing says im a hacker, but i dont think im a hacker...
  7. once again, I meant making it IN OS , not booting off windows
  8. guys I didn't mean use a hacksaw on a mac, I meant make one you know all the batch files and programs
  9. Am i to take it there is no way to make a hacksaw on a mac?
  10. I think that when you get to say a high number of posts, you can choose your ranking (Ex, I had 3000 posts and wanted to be a hak5 Ninja)
  11. I run a MacBook, :D Is there anyway to make a hacksaw on a mac? I tryed to google some, but the results didn't really help... Suggestions are always appreciated
  12. yeah I'm a geek, but like 10% social-ite just because you can't survive highschool without being social.....
  13. I have a 2ghz macbook that I would like to duel boot with linux. I am kinda a noob when it comes to linux so what distro would u guys suggest? Also to dual boot, I think bootcamp is the best way to go. Is that right? Any help is appreciated
  14. Any good freeware that you guys think are a must in Macs?
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