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Do more russian dubs  

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So as some (few(none)) of you may know I promised I'd do a russian dubbing of part of a Hak5 episode for the hell of it. So here it is, the first segment form 2x01 dubbbed in russian with teh original audio in the backgorund. Unforchantly due to my lack of uber video editign skills it's just audio, props to anyone that can put it into the video of 2x01. (actully I can but don't feel like encoding video at 12am). So here it is:


Trust Your Technolust

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I perosonally prefer subs over dubs, but it's a bit of a cultural thing I think.

If you look at German TV, all non-germanspeaking shows are dubbed (and you end up with 'Rittschwimmer von Malibu' instead of 'Baywatch') whereas in .nl we just sub everything.

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I can't see anything bad with adding subs to programmes, in languages other than english. It reaches a potentially wider audience, which is a good thing. However, I can't see anyone but the users themselves doing this, as it isn't viable enough for the hak.5 crew to due, with all the other things that keep them busy. I don't know how long it'd take to add subs an episode, but probably long enough to put most people off I assume?

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