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Favourite game: Final Fantasy VIII

Favourite OS: Any OS

Favourite console: xbox 1 with XBMC

Nationality: American

Accent: Generic

Sex: Male

Age: 24

Race: Mixed

Build: Average

Favourite band: Foo Fighters

Favourite movie: Charlie Bartlett

Favourite TV Show: The Big bang Theory

Favourite actor: Robert Downey Jr.

Favourite actress: Natalie Portman

Favourite Pinup: Mary-Louise Parker

Favourite Comedian: Greg Giraldo (RIP)

Other hobbies: Computers, Video Games, Modding

Occupation: System Administrator

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Favourite game: Command and Conquer and Flight Simulator

Favourite OS: Windows, Ubuntu and Backtrack

Favourite console: N/A

Nationality: Austrian/Brazilian

Accent: N/A

Sex: Male

Age: 24

Race: Mixed

Build: Athletic

Favourite band: Sonic Syndicate, NightWish, Norturnal Rites and Trivium.

Favourite movie: Executive Decision and Drop Zone

Favourite TV Show: The Big bang Theory, No ordinary family, Chuck and Knight Rider

Favourite actor: arnold Schwarzenegger

Favourite actress: Megan Fox

Favourite Pinup: N/A

Favourite Comedian: Russel Peters and Mr Bean.

Other hobbies: Computers, RC Planes, Scuba Diving and Flying.

Occupation: System Engineer

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Favourite game: Crysis, Starwars Xwing vs Tie Fighter

Favourite OS: Windows, Linux

Favourite console: PS3

Nationality: Australian

Accent: Aussie mate!

Sex: Male

Age: 39

Race: Caucasian

Build: Martial Artist, 6ft 1" and 115KG you do the math

Favourite band: Metallica, Disturbed, Queen

Favourite movie: Starwars Saga

Favourite TV Show: Eureka, Stargate Universe

Favourite actor: Al Pacino

Favourite actress: Katee Sackhoff

Favourite Pinup: N/A

Favourite Comedian: Carl Barron

Other hobbies: Computers, Martial Arts, Homebrew Beer and Knifemaking

Occupation: IT support and systems admin for local government.

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Favourite game: Pong

Favourite OS: Acorn Basic

Favourite console: PS3

Nationality: Unidentified :P

Accent: Unidentified :P

Sex: Yes please

Age: infinity x 2

Race: I all ways win !

Build: Jedi

Favourite band: Rubber ones

Favourite movie: Wargames

Favourite TV Show: Hak5

Favourite actor: Micheal Moore

Favourite actress: Audrey Hepburn

Favourite Pinup: Ditto

Favourite Comedian: Peter Griffin

Other hobbies: Education.

Occupation: Ninja internet assassin B)

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Favourite game: Bubble Bobble

Favourite OS: Windows 7 for AD domains, Ubuntu for standalone.

Favourite console: N64

Nationality: Global

Accent: None

Sex: As often as possible

Age: >25

Race: Only if theres a cider at the end./ ( I don't believe in races.)

Build: Man 2.0

Favourite band: Lost prophets

Favourite movie: Dead Poet Society

Favourite TV Show: Hak5, (my computer screen is a 37" TV) so there all TV shows :D

Favourite actor: Robin Williams

Favourite actress: Emma Thompson

Favourite Pinup: My Wife-to-be

Favourite Comedian: Bill Bailey

Other hobbies: Snowboarding, cycling, being right.

Occupation: System Administrator / Wed designer / Web Developer / System builder / photographer

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