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Power Supply Mods


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Ok, I've got two PSUs sitting here with no home... I've been trying to figure out what to do with them. I'm not to sure yet. I thought about modding the one to use in my current case to power just my video cards. I'm still not sure on that either.. Anyhow here is what I have..

1 Codegen 350W PSU ATX


My current set up includes

Asus P5n32 SLI Deluxe

Intel LGA 775 Pentium D 940 3.2Ghz OC @ 4.0Ghz

2 XfX PCI-E Graphics cards in SLI 6800XT models

512mb DDR2 PC4200

80Gb Maxtor HDD

Dual Layer DVD Burner...

So any ideas as to what to do with the PSU's?

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I would say your computer needs more RAM, 512MB of RAM dosn't cut it any more for a gaming PC. You need at least 1GB prefrably 2GB (but currently any more then that actualy slows down memory read/write times, some thing to do with extended adressing).

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Using two PSUs in a computer isn't that hard. You just have to create a modified ATX power cable which will plug in between one PSU and the mobo and then have the pins that tell the PSU to turn on doubled and go to the other PSU. Then they can power seperate devices.

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Yeah I know at the moment I don't have the money for additional ram. What I'm using is left from when I parted out my PC. Its only a temp solution until I get enough money to get the 2gigs of ram that I want. I'm also going to be updating to 2 250gb SATAII's in RAID 0 when I can...

I'm gonna google up dual PSU set up... Thanx for the ideas :)

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I wouldn't want dual power supplies unless you actually need it for some reason, it would just add bulk and noise to the existing system. There isn't a whole lot you can do in terms of modding a power supply. Personally, i'd just keep them around and use them in future projects (perhaps your own arcade machine).

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I had a similar setup to power my sata raid, i used an old AT power supply which you just turn on with a switch. i'm sure you could wire a switch to jump your ATX power supply but i think the cable demonstrated above would be easier 'cos bad things happen if you forget to turn it on before booting.

Also its a pain in the arse to get it to look pretty, you probably could do without the heat/vibration in your case.

Still i thought it was kinda neat to throw a few switches before booting, made me feel all science fictiony

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