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Iptables Front End


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I've seen a lot of questions lately on "how do I configure iptables" but I haven't really seen anyone mention using a GUI front end for it, or any linux firewall alternatives. I'm not strong with the command line fu in linux myself either, so I was wondering what people use as a GUI front end for their configurations. I imagine it would be more useful for looking at things lit up in colors to represent issues as well, vs 100% cli work.

One I've found from googling is http://www.fwbuilder.org/ which seems like it might be what I'm after since it works with multiple different unix/linux based firewalls. Apparently it works with iptables, pfsense, and a variety of others, while all working from within a GUI environment.

What do any of you use for a front end in *nix, whether at home or at work?

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I can't remember when was the last I used IPtables, but I would very much prefer Linux Firewall distributions, such Untangle or Smoothwall. I myself can write iptable tables but I rather use GUI as some mentioned, it makes life a lot easier and takes less time to get it set up and running.

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