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Make a sticker out of ther forum header image?  

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Hey I was looking at the header image on the forums page of this website and I got to thinking, I just baught a new laptop, and I want to sticker this thing up and there was that awesome image. Do you have or konw of a way for me to get a sticker of that image? And about how much it would cost?

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Maybe not the black background on a bumper sticker but a hak5 cut-out window decal would be awesome.

I've also been considering having a "Trust Your Technolust" decal made and put on the rear window of my car. But if I did that I may as well toss a wardriver, linux and packet storm sicker there too. Then all of my friends would really want to kick my ass for being so geeky.

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You should buy a black van and spray paint the Hak.5 logon on the sides, and a mirrored logo on the frount (like an ambulance) :D

I have no idea what you would use it for, but I'm sure you would find some thing for it. If ever you did a tour of america (I have no idea why you would :P) you can use it as a mobile studio :P

If you (or wess) where board you could probably drive it around in a citie to pick up some geek chicks :D

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^ An aproximation of what the Hak.5 van would look like^

Given my limited knolage at 3D modling, and the lack of a transite van modle, I thought a would throw a concept together in a car game. Obiusly it doesn't say Hak.5 on it, but you can imagin what it would look like with that on the side ;)

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hehe, hopefully, he doesnt drive like that in real life. But this hak.5 van would be pretty cool, walking down the street near a bar and see that and then (in my case) sit out side the bar until they came out drunk :)

dont you see? they live in the bar, they sleep there :P

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