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From what I understand, they aren't hard to track down. They constantly make themselves known through their own repeated mistakes, aka press release with META data right in the document, or have their own IRC channels, posts on 4chan, etc. Whether or not those people were even truly part of anonymous is a whole other argument, as anyone can claim to be part of anonymous since until they do something that makes them not anonymous, you don't know who they are anyway. Truly anonymous people, don't need to let others know when they do things, hence, being "anonymous", and as such, they would never be found if they were so.

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Current 'Anonymous' doesn't understand the true purpose of the group.

I think somebody will have to teach them the meaning of being Anonymous.

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I believe that the current meaning of the group is to just distribute our lives. As previously pointed out the current generation that claims the title of anonymous is just a bunch of kids who don't know what the hell their talking about (kids). These kids with the knowledge of a handful of people just try to cause shit, cause most likely they are bored.

So in summary:

Anonymous = Shit Disturbers

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