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Google Errors


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Also I would get onto another computer that you know is clean and change your passwords... Since you may never know whats going on. Also try http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897445, it is a rootkit revealer, if you start noticing strange behavior and strange results in your searches and such this will help diagnose the problem.

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Thanks for replies. I should have mentioned that Im running ubuntu 10.10. Errors happens only when Im using firefox. Not when using chrome or chromium.

This is not that new issue, this is 3rd time it happened. usually each time I install ubuntu it happends. Now it happened afret I installed my new asusrt-n16 router.

Firefox is set to not have proxy. I also removed all cookies.

Error happend when I go to google.* or use firefox's search box (up right corner)

In google.com I can click "go to google Suomi" (suomi=finland) and then I can get normal letters back for a while.

I have had same issues with windows machines.

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I feel a bit dumb now, didnt see the image. Now does this only do this on google? If there is anyway to get to the search settings. I can get similar results by changing the language under that. I would also look at your settings in ubuntu for language since google maybe detecting the language from your operating system.

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Are you running any extra toolbar, try resetting the browser default settings.

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What is the default language settings in FF? Make sure its english.

Goto tools > options > Content (tab) > Languages -> Choose > Select English as the default language (or whatever it is you want to use). Click ok and restart FF.

Also go into your linux control panel and set your timezone and keyboard, language settings for your country, etc. Make sure the system defaults to what you want it to be in linux as well as FF.

Google may be detecting a default language from the browser or OS itself, either in default language settings, or even via data in the User Agent string. If all of this fails to fix it, get the User Agent Spoofer addon for FF, and make a custom string that includes the language you want, see if that fixes it.

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