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Cleaning Up The Pc


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CCleaner, Eraser (http://eraser.heidi.ie/). Also when cleaning the registry make sure you are deleting the rights keys, as deleting the wrong keys can have catastrophic impact on Windows and it may even prevent Windows from booting up again, resulting in a full Windows installation. So I would not recommend performing a registry clean up, if you are not sure.

Don't forget to do a full defragmentation and disk clean up as well.

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I don't install crapware, or 3rd party clean up tools, as most of them make things worse. I install windows, and only the programs I need. I allow nothing except essential programs to run on startup, and I also disable all unessential services. I only allow things such as Firewall and Antivirus, or specific system programs to run when starting windows.

I've got 16GB of RAM, 1.5TB of disk, and a high end video card as well, so I don't ever really see a system performance issue unless I'm in a Multiplayer game and there is trmendous lag, or one of the HDD's is dying.

My biggest bottleneck at the moment for performance are my HDD's. If you want a real performance boost, invest in SSD's and don't fill your system with a million unneeded programs. Especially 3rd party tools that claim to speed up your system, 99% of them will make things worse.

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To maintain my computer, as clean and as fast as possible, I install all the apps that I use frequently like, Office, Adobe, Internet surfing, torrent downloading on my VMs.

And if one the VMs gets infected or broken down, I just simply restore my VM from a fresh VM Image.

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