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She explains it all

Darren Kitchen

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I used to fancy her like mad when i was young horne teenager of similer age to her i might add.... for the heathclif ref: u the man D!

ps. heard her speak recently. She is now fat and totally stupid (like 99% of people on tv). Ah well

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How did I not know about this!? Heathcliff is the man! That old guy was pretty bad-ass too.

Oh, and about the theme song, "That shit is the mad note! Created by god herself, and handed down to the greatest fucking band in the universe, the motha fuckin' [insert Band Name Here].

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wow, wane of nickelodeon nostalgia... too bad some new port of rugrats screwed it all over for us...

however boomerang is a tight network, got your secret squriell, richie rich, yogi bear, dexters lab... all the good old cartoon network shows

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