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Animal testing


Should animal testing be allowed?  

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    • Yes
    • Yes, but only where nessisary
    • No
    • No, we should test on humans

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Bit random I know but any way:

What is your view on animal testing (as in testing drugs and experimental surgical procegers)?

I personly think it's a nessasery. With out animal testing there would probably be more unessery human death (less humans for my army). Of course you can only get so much out of testing drugs on animals. Eventualy you will have to use it on a human to see the exactly what happens, but testing on animals will at least all you to predict more acuratly how much of a drug will be a lethal doss and what kind of effects it will have. It sounds perfectly evil, but then of course it is. If it wasn't perfectly illegal I would probably test on defective humans, simpley becasue there are more humans on the planet then any other mammals on the plate. Again, I'm perfectly evil, and would do that.

"They remove vital organs from subjects just to see how long they stay alive"

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Umm... ok?

Well, it's a grey area I suppose... I certainly think testing cosmetics on animals is completely unneccesary and as for medical procedures and drugs... why? Why test on animals when we need to know if they have the desired effect on humans? We have simulations and such so do we really need to?

How would you like it if a bunch of giant bunnies gathered up a bunch of humans and started injecting us with crap?

Still, I'm not gonna go shouting about it or protesting because it's gonna happen anyways... it's not a case of annimal rights, it's a case of profits.

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To be honest, if a few thousand animals died and we got a cure to cancer out out it, it was worth it. Without that testing, we would see hundreds more deaths from human drugs trials, as even the most powerful computers can't simulate to the same levels as a live test. Yes its cruel, but without animal expolitation, we'd still be trying to understand fire.

What i don't like to see is cosmetics tested on animals, no point to this.

Oh btw, a question for anyone who is against all forms of animal testing. Would you voulenter for drugs trials yourself? Even if it was a 80:20 chance of a lifetime of missery or a cure 1-shot for aids that was "open source" and free?

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