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[Version 1] The Best Hiding Place A Teensy

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I've pulled apart numerous items to try and find one that would fit the teensy it in, and after about 3 hours of searching... SUCCESS!

I have a mini photo keychain which looks similar to this.

My one has 3 button "inputs" (plastic bits), which could be useful if some buttons were added underneath them.

Mine stopped working anyways, so I ripped the guts out of it (board), pulled the screen off, put the screen back, and the teensy fits PERFECTLY when the top is screwed back on, i've shaken it around and dropped it, but it's still in the same place. And because the screen is there, it looks quite normal... apart from the fact it doesn't seem to want to turn on ;)

Ill post some pictures later.


Just noticed i stuffed the title up.

The Best Hiding Place for A Teensy

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A highlighter?


maybe a big eraser?


oh this is a good one as well although i dont know if it would fit unless you did a little modification


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I think the female mini-usb connector is a limitation.

We can hide it everywhere,but when You take the connection cable in Your hand...hmmm

Why Paul not replace that connector with a normal usb male?

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I know you can practically mod everything to put it in, but you can say you want to show them a picture on your "mini photo frame", it does it's stuff, and when the card reading/writing is finished, you can have it open up an explorer with some "decoy" pictures.

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something like this could work too:


and I was wondering if something like this would work:


As you could disguise it as a Lan testing tool...


could you show a picture of you'r mod?

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