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My cell phone sucks. Well I guess I should say my cell phone battery sucks. I woke up today and talked on it for 5 mins at 10:30. Then talked about 6 mins around noon. I just for the 3rd time today talked on it for 3 mins and then it went dead.

It has been getting progressively worse the last couple of months. Bad thing is two weekends ago it went the whole weekend without a charge and didn't die till sunday night. Although it was just on, never used (I was roaming)

Anyone have any bad cell phone stories, or very good cell phone recommendations???

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my cellphone sucks too.

Right now I'm transitioning from a Treo 650 to a Treo 700w.

Wow, who would have ever thought that transitioning from phone to phone would take time. Well, it does, there's a lot of stuff.

Anyway, I rocked the Treo 650. I'm not a huge palm fan, but at least every single menu is designed for maximum usability. I was able to pull off tasks in no time with the click of a few buttons. Now I'm fumbling around with a stylus. Ugh.

It's not the Treo's fault. The phone is well designed, but the software wasn't designed with humans in mind. The implementation of Windows Mobile 5 sucks. It can do everything I want, but the navigation is kludgy at best.

IRC, SSH, VNC, RDP, Web, FTP, you name it. But it's like using a computer, not a phone.

Oh, and the whole crashing a few times a day thing is really getting old. Every couple of mornings I wake up, check my phone, and I'm greeted with a message about some service that crashed and would I like to send an error report to microsoft.

I swear one of these days the damn phone is going to reboot into safemode and I'll be greeted with 8 bit color and no networking support.

Windows on a phone makes about as much sense as windows on a diffibulator.


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I have a Nokia 3650 which when calling someone rings, but when they pick up it automatically cuts the call of.

Also the Symbian Series 60 OS isn't the most stable, it would crash often and give me messages about files being missing all the time.

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My Treo 650 rocks, but its more of a phone shaped PDA than a phone. For regular phones, Nokia has never let me down once. Sony Erricson, motarola, LG, all crap that had to be replaced.

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I don't wse cellphones. I keep a disposable TracPhone for emergency reason, but thats it. Payphones rule, and Tracphones are awesome for phreaking with. They're pre-paid, so there is no name to go with it.

True. Tracphone is great! I have one, and now they have the SVC cellphones for Seniors for just $7 a month. I've seen in other sites that the reception is not good or none at all, but am from Florida and have 4-5 bars all of the time. Just wanted to comment on that, have a good day!

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