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Yet Another Cyclone


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Hey there,

I remember posting last year some time about a cyclone (hurricane) heading towards where i live in Mackay, Queensland Australia...luckily the cyclone went back out to sea and strengthened before heading south...phew..

Ok...this year,so new cyclone season and this time we probably won't be as lucky...


We expect it to cross the coast Sunday morning and we may not be in the direct path...it's a category 2 so i guess not super bad but still winds of around 160km/hr


Well i reckon we should be fine...we're in a new house so it's pretty solid...and i've stocked the pantry with cheap cleanskin red wine at $3.99 a bottle...so lol it'll be interesting.

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Well I just hope everything is ok for you guys. Don't party too hard! never know when you may need that bottle afterward :P BTW, because I have no idea, is there a problem with looting a lot of times after a hurricane over there? It's not so bad over here where I am but in some places it get's pretty crazy afterward.

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It was category 3 when it cross at Proserpine about an hour north of here...200km/hr winds at the centre...we got about 140km/hr winds here...

I went out in it to lash my fence down as it was threatening to take flight...house ok, family ok...we were very lucky...

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We've had 2 hurricanes in my life time. One hit when I was in infants school, and I can still remember the playhouse being torn apart like it was made of paper. And the other was at night. I can remember my dad, who was 6'3" and 250lbs be blown across my garden and barely being able to stand up. I know what there like, scary shit. However, since then if its a little windy then the government issues severe weather alerts and recommends all travel is cut to high urgency visits only. And look at the snow this year, we had 20-30cm of snow, and it was about -6C for a week, and the country shut down, completely. We suck at weather, we either panic at the slightest thing or pretend that everything is fine and set out in soft top cars with low profile tires during a blizzard.

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I can certainly understand how someone from a shithole of a country like England cannot begin to comprehend or appreciate the gravity of what a cyclone/hurricane is.

well i live in england and even i know i comprehend or appreciate the gravity of what a cyclone/hurricane as i havent lived hear all my life and i hope things are ok i hope on one gets hurt

ps sorry if anyone is offended by what i said but i dont like when people stereotype someone because they live in england

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