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Pocket Pc LCD


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It's unlikely that you will be able to use this LCD for anything except repairing another PocketPC of the same model. To interface it to anything else you would need very complex circuitry which would be very expensive to purchase if it even became available to buy.

Nice thought though, people have been wanting to do things with spare LCDs for ages and unfortunately it's very hard/very difficult/very expensive to do anything with them.

Welcome to the community by the way!

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One of these days somebody is going to need to figure out a way to put the things to good use... Even if the connection is propriatary the screen is still functioning just fine... I realize that the connection is necessary for the screen to DO anything, but still, there's got to be a way to bypass that connection...

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The connections not the problem, if you know the layout of the connection the making an adaptor is easy because its just buying the right sockets and wiring them together.

The problem is that most laptop and pda screens don't work very connections support by desktop graphics cards, which mainly use VGA and DVI. They use other standards, which means that you will need a different graphics card that supports it, which are very rare. Or you need to find an adaptor that will convert one stream into another stream in realtime. Even rarer.

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