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AVISynth for Defcon like videos

Dаrren Kitchen

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Anyone else here mess thie AVISynth for video editing?

I use this script for making videos that look like the presentations for Defcon:

#Defcon style video composite AviSynth script by Adrian http://irongeek.com
#The next line is mostly for specifying and resizing the live video to put in the corner.
#It also does some other filtering to make the video specs match. Use the Trim function to make things sync.
livevid = DirectShowSource("file0003.avi").ConvertToRGB24().LanczosResize(208,156).Trim(300,0,false).ConvertFPS(25)
#The line tells the script what to use for the large section of the video where I put the slide show/what was being projected
slides = DirectShowSource("issasc_transcoded.avi").ConvertToRGB24().LanczosResize(640,480).Trim(0,0,false).ConvertFPS(25)
#Just a for a logo for the corner, I use it to give info avout the presentation. Has to be 208x324.
corner = ImageSource("corner.png",pixel_type="RGB24").ConvertFPS(25)
#Now to dd all the file together
livepluscorner = StackVertical(livevid,corner).AudioDub(livevid)

Also, I like AVIDemux, but it's a pain to set up for batch conversions. With Mediacoder, I can transcode just about any video format, even AVISynth scripts:


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Firs thit on google is the SF site, but link is down. IS this the same program: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaCoder

If so, maybe they moved to a new business model, and no longer open source on source forge?

I use AVI-Synth in virtual dub from time to time, but I havent done any video editing in ages.

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