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Download beta 7


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I cannot download beta 7. Is there some kind of problem? Can one perhaps download it from another source?

Can one get the same results with one of the older versions? Or are they outdated?

Thanx you guys for what youve done!


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Thanx melodic,

I want to grap mp3s of pandora. I want to use pandora jar and downloaded all the java, flash etc. I tried in vain to download the beta 7 of the jar. It just do not want to download. I downloaded a couple of older versions eg. 4th. But they do not work.

I have another question - should one log in with ones email at some time to acces pandora itself? I know there is a place to put in ones email - just type it in and press enter?

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which is?

To try and get this thread back on track. Sarah, are you still having problems downloading IE7. If I didn't block all dns/ip traffic to microsoft I would get it for you and post it on my website. But someone who doesn't have those restrictions may be willing to do such a thing.

/me nudges the whole memberslist.

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