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Possibly retarded port forwarding question


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Hello guys.

You see, I want to be able to use my computer as a wireless bridge for my 360 since I don't have a wireless adapter for it.

So, Xbox 360 connected to computer via ethernet, and the computer is connected to my router wirelessly.

What I want to do is port forward a couple of ports to my xbox 360 which is using the computers wireless adapter, is it possible? And how would I do that?

Because the 360 does not have it's own ip adress, since it's using the wireless card in the computer right?

I would guess that I first port forward the ports to the computer, and then from the computer I port to the xbox 360.

But I really have no idea..

The computer is running Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit if that'll give you any help..

/ gEEEk

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Allright great, thanks guys :)

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It depends, if you simply bridged the two adapters the Xbox will have it's own IP address on the network. If you used ICS, you need to be set a light and be taught not to do that again, then change it to bridged mode.

Aww come on, ICS has its moment, admittedly its a very dark moment when its useful, but its saved my ass more than once...

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