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Free Netbook?


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I signed up for this site and was hoping a few people would help me out. If you're interested in getting a free netbook or a few hundred cash, read on.

Read the following VERY CAREFULLY!

Step 1. Click the following link, Get A Free Netbook

. Please sign up under me, I'd really appreciate it.

Step 2. Create an account by following the instructions located on the bottom right hand corner of the page. ONLY ONE ACCOUNT PER SITE ALLOWED. THIS IS STRICTLY ENFORCED.

Step 3. (READ STEP 4 BEFORE COMPLETING THIS) Log in, and go to the "offers" tab. Here you will find many different offers to choose from, a lot of these are free trials, but I did gamefly, which costs $9.99 for the first month. You should always choose one that really interests you.

Step 4. This goes along with the previous step, and generally should be done BEFORE step 3 to ensure proper crediting.. first of all, you need the latest version of IE or FireFox. Then you must clear your cookies and set your browser settings to "Accept All Cookies" Turn off any pop up blockers, and any spyware/virus protection, then you must X out the page, and open a new window and log back in. I promise you, that this is just to ensure crediting, as all of those things have been proven to interfere with the crediting process. you may return everything to normal settings once you are finished.

Step 5. You are now portable!

You now have your very own free Netbook on it's way!

I've seen pictures, people have actually gotten stuff from Trainn.

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I have been there before, the site is mostly a scam, there pretty popular on those servery sites though because they pay you $1 to enter in your email and a fake address,

there have been reports where people have actually tried these offers, they never get anything some forget they signed up on those sites and others end up court because the company they signed up with was able to get a hold of their phone number and through some trick I am not sure how, they are able to bill you through your phone bill if they cant charge your credit card and those services will not let you cancel. it is a major mess thats not worth getting into

remember with free trials you must cancel within a certain time. and there is a trick to this, if you have a 1 week trial and you cancel on the 4th day, you may be billed for another month of service because many of these companies will have somewhere in their fine print that it takes a minimum 1 week to process a cancellation request

also even if it is a trusted company, the company doesn't directly deal with these sites, it goes through a middleman so for example if you have a gamefly account from the ad and the company wont stop billing you, you can call gamefly and give them all your info and they will tell you that you don't have a account with this, this is because you are going through a middleman. an in many cases finding that middleman who registered you can be extremely hard, many people end up canceling their credit cards, bank accounts and phone services and getting new ones as well as going through the trouble of dealing with the FTC as these companies will track you down and it is up to the FTC to pretty much help to make them stop (PS if you cancel a old credit card, it will lower your credit score)

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i dont think this site is a scam... its funded by trainn, who actually shipped out hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of things. it doesn't pay you to complete surveys. you complete ONE offer and get 6 friends to join and each of them completes ONE offer each.

i know about the trial periods and keep a calendar of when i must cancel each one in order to avoid being charged.

thanks for the advice, but i think trainn.org is worth a try.

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they do, we get reports all the time about these sites on cashlagoon.com the site pays us to apply for these sites where we enter a email and stuff and cash lagoon pays us like $1

but they warn people not to actually pay for the offers listed in the sites because of the problems.

all trial services must be canceled or they will enter you into a normal billing cycle or worst the fine print will have you agreeing to a 1 year contract with a service after the trial period

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I use to use sites where you fill out offers and click links to get small mounts of money, they work, but this is not the same. You have to get other people to sign up and get them to do offers to get anything.

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Pyramid scheme's are fail.

Is advertising allowed? I consider Ref. Links advertising.

Its more of a Ponzi scheme, with the first people who run through the sites agreement, they get there laptops, increasing the word of mouth, but as the site grows, the site claims that they can no longer hold up with the current demaned for the laptops, therefore they say they place your laptop on backorder, then never hand it out.

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I signed up for that same offer as part of a survey at cash lagoon, it is on the offers page, where like 500 free offers are listed


I went to that same exact site and I got $0.80 cents for entering my email address and stuff

Pretty much all of those free laptop, free netbook or other free *insert name* are listed and you are never required to complete the sites offer all they really want is your email address and other info so they know where to have their advertisers spam if needed (while not all spam, they still pay to get emails and stuff)

Been using this site for like 2 years now and works great for getting money

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