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Isn't disappointment great?


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Hey kids, want to spend the summer with five of your friends in your very own backyard pool? Then stay the hell away from Banzai's Wild Waves Water Park! David Ng juxtaposed Banzai's box art with a picture of his disappointed kids standing next to the fully assembled "water park." He wasn't the only one deceived, according to the reviews on Amazon...

amazon.com link: http://www.amazon.com/Banzai-Wild-Waves-Wa...4249&sr=8-1

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:) I lol'ed...that is either some major photoshop going on right there, or those are some sort of Leprechauns...

False advertisement? I think so! Someone should take them to court for such a bullshit advertisement of a product. That is clrearly NOT EVEN CLOSE to the same size. The one on the left looks like it hols 5 or more kids, the one on the right might hold 2 if you ae lucky.

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Look at the pool part. Looks like it used to be bigger but they made it smaller, as to the lack of "banzai slide" on the side only palm trees. You may find a disclaimer on the box that the actual contents may differ due to design changes, improvement, blah, blah, blah. Albeit I don't think making it smaller is an improvement.

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Hardly unusual though, when's the last time you got a McDonalds that looked like the menu? Do cosmetic products really make you look like a supermodel or a chiselled superman? Is Lynx (Axe) really going to make you irresistable to every member of the opposite sex? Let's face it, they're never gonna advertise that the pool is too small for a 6 year old to comfortably fit in, or that the slide is barely long enough to reach past the end of your legs. Most people expect ads or box art to glorify the product somewhat. That's not to say it's necessarily acceptable, there's a limit to how different a product can reasonably be from the box are or the posters, but some amount of visual enhacement is to be expected.

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