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Obama speech being aired at schools.


Obama's Speech  

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    • Why do you keep posting so many political threads do you like getting your arguments shredded apart?

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Yes 80% people don't get cancer, but also if it is an option people should not be forced into paying, but then to get the needed money to fuel the healthcare you do need all the people to put money in and for the prices to not be so high people who make more need to put in more, but three points get in the way

a) It is forced.

B) Some don't want insurance and even if you think everyone does it take a right away despite how irrational you think it.

c) It isn't fair for one to pay more, in one area of though (everyone puts in equally), though those dying is not fair either.

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Is the paying a little bit of another's include paying there own too? Or is it that others pay a little of yours to, how would that work then...

For example say a nation has 5 people and each person has healthcare that costs 50 on average...

1 0 $

2 needs medication uses 75 $

3 Eats unhealthily and does not exercise needs a bypass costs 95$

4 Gets Cancer costs 100 $

5 Costs 0 $ They are healthy

So that is 270 over the estimated average so they up taxes to pay for that but does everyone pay the same or do the people who cost less pay less? Also what if there is a plus do they save the money of put it into other prijects (what cause Medicare hell (lots of people put money in not so many take it out but then when all those people need the money it isn't there)), Got to go will make more sense later.

I'm waiting.

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You won't get anything more out of him. No body ever does, notice how he never comment over in the HC thread about the current HC spending that is occuring.

Because he's crap at arguing a point, other than he thinks its right to be selfish.

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Because he's crap at arguing a point, other than he thinks its right to be selfish.

I don't think it is right to be selfish (as in correct).

But I do think it is someones right to be selfish (as in be able to if they want).

Also people can be selfish, and if you are you end off worse in the end of things but still you can.

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