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Obama speech being aired at schools.


Obama's Speech  

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If it was George Bush havign a speech during school the teachers would have no problems letting students watch the speech in class. Its these hardcore dumba$$ republicans trying to make a big issue out of everything. I think public healthcare has been needed for a long time.

Why shouldnt general laboring / average people , the people that flip your burgers, roof your house, clean up after you, cut your grass, load and unload trucks, answer your customer service questions over the phone, ect.. why shouldnt everyone have health insurance, and not just only the rich people. These people are allready getting paid peanuts and can barely survive on their low salarys then are expected to pay 500$ a month for health insurance? thats why so many people have not even hada physical checkup or been to a doctor in many many years. I have not had health insurance in the last 7 years, know i have some kind of health problem but cant get preventive care to stop it early.

It would also prevent all these people with no insurance from clogging our emergency rooms up with things like their kid having the flu, or some minor thing that they have to goto the Emergency room because thats they only way they can get it checked out for free (an then owe tons of money later for a simple problem, if the hospital even ever gets paid)

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555 see you AGREE with Obama so you would have no problem with it but what if a child's parent's didn't agree with him and wanted to see the speech too (As far as I know it is only in schools not on a general news station for all the view (please correct me if I am wrong :))). Also it isn't racism, for some it may be, but others they don't agree with him they think he is pulling this country into a new USSR (some people not necessarily me!).

Also Vako unlike others before with Bush it is much more wide spread (I believe, correct me if I am wrong). Also it has been an issue sense it will only be kids (correct if wrong) and some people thinking he is going to try to turn kids to him (may seem silly but..) they are kids they have been taught to trust the president somewhat and the teachers may also prod the kids to believe him etc (again these are kids not adults and their parents won't be there right with their kids to point out what they believe is pure BS and lies).

555 don't bring the healthcare debate into this, you are obviously entrench into your belief that a company (the goverment) that can take money and has no competition can run something good (just look at the VA a shitty system, oh and for regulation of drug prices in Canada guess what they don't make that many new drugs (most are made in the US by private companies) but if the price is controlled they can't set a price to recoup losses from (BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars lossed from other drugs that failed to be effective.)). Government control is never good look at the USSR government control and it was the shits!

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Im 99% sure it is for everyone to watch in America, not just kids in school. I think the teachers are just encouraged to turn the TV on at the time of his speech so they can watch the presidents speech.

I used to watch the president speak all the time when i was in school, and we all loved it because we didnt have to do school work for one class that day. It is only a issue now for kids to watch the President speak because those super rich racists republican types are making a big deal about it, and dont want better healthcare for our ALL of our familys, not just the rich ones.

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They don't have to and shouldn't be taught to trust the president, they simply need to understand that you listen to what he/she has to say and form judgments based upon that. That's how you run a democracy with free speech laws as strong as Americas. It may well be more widespread than before but your discussing this with a British guy at least 5000 miles away, welcome to the modern age of instant global communication at the touch of a button. Its simply cheaper and easier than sticking Obama on a bus and driving him round the nations schools. And its not like Presidents haven't addressed the nation before. Kids should be free to listen to what he has to say, free from parents with there own agendas and motivations, free to form there own opinions about what was said and then parents can step in and *discuss* this with there children if they have concerns. Not sitting next to them in class going "BULLSHIT" every 30 seconds.

America is not turning into the USSR, I work with a load of ex-soviets and believe me, Obama is not a socialist or a communist. He's still far more right wing than most European leaders, he's more right wing than Nixon ffs.

I've said this before, but Americas number one problem atm is that you have forgotten how to have decent arguments, everything is so black and white to you lot, its good or bad, right or wrong, sainted or pure evil. There is no middle ground, compromise or debate, just people trying to be the loudest motherfucker in the room. This will be your downfall, infighting brings every empire to its knees.

@555, we've had the healthcare debate, I whooped him on that one ;)

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Also if they do view have a age or grade limit (so kindergärtners (How opera spelled it) who don't give a crap and would rather play with their blocks don't waste school time ;))


America is not turning into the USSR, I work with a load of ex-soviets and believe me, Obama is not a socialist or a communist. He's still far more right wing than most European leaders, he's more right wing than Nixon ffs.

Some believe that not me!

Also the USSR was to make a point a show the evils of a government in control (though the maverick (McCain) would do better either just different )

Oh and healthcare for all 555 you can get health care for yourself you just have to be willing to pay for your own stuff not have someone who has money (for whatever reason) pay your bills (unless willing)

Vako I didn't feel like turning the healthcare debate into the global warming debate (take 5 tb on the forums servers) so you see I was doing a service to the community ;)

He is more right wing then a lot of Europe but I still don't like how far left he is, oh and how's your privacy in the UK Vako :). Also the health care debate it hinged on drug prices, um bad news they cost that much to get that drug to be made and not potentially kill a ton of people because of lack of testing :)

Also I'll include this for some more shock value (but true)... minimum Wages are bad for the POOR!!

Also the setting in class with them yelling Bullshit was not what I was going after, though it would be funny, more like if the kid WANTS to learn more and lissen to a presidential speech go a head (I never did and well I start a ton of flame/political threads :))

---- The below I am joking and being sarcastic ----

Drop let them watch it just let them say "Bullshit, Mother $(#%$%& Lier" and "He is the Messiah" (though would that be religion in a public school ;)) during it :)

Oh and to make sure of this.... I AM NOT RACIST ;) ;)

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Basically, the people who pull there kids out of school are complete muppets. This has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with stupid people. I don't think there is much more to say about the topic really, its just completely farcical.

My privacy is doing just fine tbh, i can still download music and buy drugs at will, the government couldn't put a hat on properly let along spy on the entire population. One thing about the British establishment, it always has grand plans but its always far to incompetent to actually pull them off so no one is really bothered about them.

As for McCain, he does make some tasty oven chips. And I did like him until he sold his soul for a chance of power (something he seemed to regret towards the end of his campaign), he spoke his mind and while I didn't always agree with him he did seem like someone who could actually debate his ideas. 10 years ago I would have voted for him, and I will always think it was a crying shame he lost to Bush.

As for drug costs, no one is debating that they cost a lot in R&D terms, what is debatable is how much you can place profit above human life.

Anyone who thinks Obama is a messiah is a moron, he's a politician, a smart and capable one, but still far from perfect.

What you don't understand is that I am actually quite conservative in some areas (say financial matters), and very liberal in others (social progression). You don't have to be either or, you can take the best ideas of both ends of the spectrum and build something truly awesome.

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Basically, the people who pull there kids out of school are complete muppets. This has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with stupid people.

Um it does have stuff to do with politics seeing as the reason it that Obama is speech

Also are we stating are opinions as fact now ;)

And what I am sure you understand is the Messiah thing I was kidding. Also I am damn conservative in about everything also the value of human life is comparable to non, God created us and only he can kill us justifiably (of course stuff like just war etc ok back on topic). But they are a business also if they did not make a profit they wouldn't exist and then a LOT more people would die (better of two "evils", hey just like government).

Also the privacy was a joke too but still cameras on every street (yes we have them to but they are private banks etc not all in one powerful group).

Oh Am I seeing a less liberal side of Vako ;)

Also I worry about Obama and not Bush is because of view point (though Bush and the wars not so much (though good did happen a dictator overthrown (and you can complain about are military and shoving are ideas down others but I would hope you can admit Iraq is better now.))) Basically I agreed with Bush more and therefore was not as paranoid about him (like you trust a friend more then a stranger I guess (though I wouldn't call either a friend (because I don't know them wall enough not because I think they are evil incarnate)))

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Life is about balance, not about extremes. While I don't believe in god and have no time for religion as a guiding force in my life, I do see the role it has in society even if its not real. Its like business, money isn't actually worth anything, but if certain people are willing to believe in that fantasy they will work hard and achieve great things. The problem starts when people think that the fantasy is the only thing that matters at the expense of everything else.

Governments are just there to prevent all hell from breaking out, to be the arbitrator, to take decisions no one wants to make and to push society in a direction it needs to go. Take health care, the US system does need reform, it has become far to invested in making a profit which is something that will lead to no good. I like what Al Franken has to say on the subject,

As for the UK's cameras, we do have a lot in our towns and cities but these are usually run by the town council. A lot of private individuals and businesses also run camera systems, but most of these are very poor systems and are largely useless for the prevention of crime. Time after time its been thrown out of court as to poor to identify the race of a person, let alone an identity. There have been moves made by the current government to build some kinda huge database, but they want to do this with everything, and ultimately the country cannot afford many of these systems, and the current government is really on its last legs. Lots of these ideas won't happen. The authoritarian nature of the labor government is based on there 70's socialist ideals, which largely state that the government knows best. This is not a popular idea and will be a huge election issue come 2010. But unfortunately the current government has given a lot of people jobs running what is called a nanny state, as public sector workers are there key voters. I hate this as I like small governments who provide services such as education, defense, administration and management, not governments with big aims who want to be glorious leaders, we don't need that anymore.

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Vako the whole privacy I was kidding :)

Also profit there is a reason that the US produces a ton of new wonderful drugs because of profit and why do people want profit so they can feed themselves and their families.

Oh and who voted for the last thing :)

Oh and public option for health care boils down to others paying for you (it does through taxes)

Also the youtube link the Mayo example the doctors are kicking themselves in the foot (the other place) because of their greed... so too bad for the doctors.

Also the patients go somewhere else there is more than one hospital.



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Canada seems to have a very nice public healthcare system that works. Maybe thats one positive working Idea we can borrow from them. Do you have any idea how hard it is to work for 8$ an hour 7.25 is minimim wage, worrying if you can even get 30 to 40 hours that weeks, no health insurance, trying to support a family, having a tooth that hurts every hour of everyday but cant be fixed because it costs 800$ for a root canal then 600$ for a bridge for that tooth, plus other random charges.. or just decide to live uncompertable with a very strong pain in your tooth forever until you can afford around 1500$ or so to get a tooth fixed? In Cuba they fix teeth all day for cheap, may not be the best work, but that public healthcare.. If you want Hi-quality healthcare then you pay more. Another major thing is minimum wage should be 10$ an hour not 7 something. No single person can survive on that amount of money.

I am going to set my box to Tivo record this.. I have strongly beleived Americans need better health and dental since forever, ok if your rich you can get the harvard grads to fix you up, but hey it will create tons of jobs, everyone i know needs to get a health check up probuly because they dont have insurance. Also they should give out some free shots to prevent the swine flu at colleges / and schools

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555 was that suppose to be comedy, people have tried the Canadian System it is SHIT I have relatives who have relatives they HATE it oh and another great thing their they HATE the public schools expect the students to only speak french (No it is not Quebec) the relative has 4 kids she can't help them learn french (what the public school expects (for a parent to teach french when she doesn't know it)) and this is all because of Quebec (Quebec GO BACK TO FRANCE!!!!!!) and public stupidity. Do you know of anyone who lives in Canada their System is SHIT SHIT SHIT! They can't wait till the next election oh and the private sector that for a long time was gone is making it back but it is hard their are so many laws that revent them from doing business (and the people are willing to pay a TON (more than America) and some come here through Michigan(Go Blue!) it is like the reverse of the slave trade (they where going to Canada)). SO NEVER SAY the Canadian System is better its and insult to me.

NEVER Say the Canadian System is good it is SHIT SHIT SHIT (have I made my point clear SHIT!).

Oh they also force their radio stations to play X amount of Canadian Music (STUPID) (Thought of that because I am listening to Nickleback)

Oh and for minimum wage it hurts poor people, the government has tried to pass high minimum wages (a California County did and it hurt poor people a ton (the wages went to 12 dollars)).

So raise minimum wages it hurts business and poor people.




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Do you have any idea how hard it is to work for 8$ an hour 7.25 is minimim wage

hell up until not too long ago it was $5.15

Also I'll include this for some more shock value (but true)... minimum Wages are bad for the POOR!!

that's a bunch of Rush Limbaugh bullshit. If it wasnt for minimum wages, we'd be 10 fold fucked right now compaired to the current state. The whole reason why they made minimum wages is because if not, Mc D's would be working people for 2$ an hour right now. People would be starving themselves to death just to feed themselves.

Obama so you would have no problem with it but what if a child's parent's didn't agree with him and wanted to see the speech too

Fuck parents.. When the hell have you seen decent parents *course except our own* that gave half a shit about anything in the past 10 years. Besides, regardless of what's on the tv, they are either ignorant (i fall in that category :P), love obama and wanna lick his balls, or they hate him and want him burned to death. It just screams assault and battery... I say let them watch. At least they will learn something more of worth than what the schools are actually teaching these days.

about the cameras.. WHooOOOoooo big gov. is after me.. WhoooOOOooo!!! I'm a 28 year old in college for computer networking, I own a 07' car and a 95' car, rent a trailer and like watching movies and porn.. WHOOPTY DOO!!! they have real interest in me! Next thing you know Moulder and scully will be at my door telling me I need to get away because they feds think I'm an alien (extra testicle kind, not illegal)

@VaKo, I fully agree with you.

oh and btw

a California County did and it hurt poor people a ton (the wages went to 12 dollars)).

when the hell has california did anything worth more than pissing in the wind @ the cost of millions (if not billions) of dollars... Someone has to pay for those condos and yachts and the revenue comes from special interest groups.

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Also if minimum wage would cure world poverty, why not make them 20$?

^OH and I didn't get it from Rush (he is more the look at me type')

Found this funny (EFF and bundles of money ha!):


Oh and parents, parents are good and to call all of them horrible because the news and shit cover the bad ones (they need something to get people to watch) degrades those who do do a good job

Well the McD's comparison... is your job worth more than 2$ if not and you want more money GET A BETTER JOB!!!

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lol, this is fun...

The camera.. well, my bad.

Minimum wage doesnt cure poverty it cures greedy corporations and is written in with labor laws to ensure companies cant promote slave labor. Think that would'nt happen? Look overseas.

Yeah, there are good parents, but around 8/10 of them that I have seen in the past 5 years do nothing but sit their kids in front of the TV, expect them to learn on their own, never giving a crap on who they hang around with, and to top that off its no suprise that bullying in school is at an all time high, along with drug use and rampant sluttiness (though.. kinda wish it was like that when I was single :P but then I'm glad I didnt get an STD either)

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um the schools I think it is more location then rampancy (though could be both).

Also the minimum wage why not make it bigger (politicians don't care about business (unless they are the MPAA and RIAA)).

Also please please use a Grapes of Wrath example for why minimum wage is good (so I can KILL IT)

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Minimum wage should be 10$ an hour at the minimum.. 12$ at the max, has anyone ever watch the 30 days episode with the guy who ate mcdonalds for 30 days? One episode he lived one minimum wage (not only by himself also with his girlfriend) so double the money, imagine being single it is immpossible to live independant on minimum wage now.

Employees need to be treated with more respect, paid more and should be offered some ind of health and dental insurance.

I know people who get paid more from not working off unemployment then for working.. so what is the point , why do they want to get a job when they are getting paid more doing nothing then working minimum wage 40 hours a week? the companys need to offer more incentive to work. Watch that 30 days episode though where he works and lives like a minimum wage labor worker with no insurance. Here is the link for info..


imagine having a 4 yr college degree and cant get a job because your "over qualified" its all messed up when you really dont care about how much your getting paid just as long as you can pay your bills and feed your kids, but get rejected because your last job paid triple what they are paying and your too over qualified.

There needs to be major change in minimum wage pay, and public health and I beleive Obama is the man to bring the change. *#%$ the haters

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Um I;m sorry I think you got work confused, you work they give you money if you want something more you try to get it but you back it up with why

also why should they be forced to give you insurance, why?


You go to an employer and submit an application (resume and cover letter) (usually you meet the requirements)

They go through them (applications) and find who they think it best for their job (not whether you need the job etc they don't care and they shouldn't have to care).

They interview a group and ask questions.

They then see who meets what they need and is cheapest (why shouldn't they)

If you get the job great, don't like the pay go get another one (can't take this one or get better qualified etc)

If you believe you should get more you say why etc and they decide do they need you for the amount you want?

- if yes they give you a raise or negotiate

- else they deny you

- if you say you will quit

- they way their options and do what they think it best

Ok that is work, notice they give you something because they believe you contain a value they need

How health care got into this

- people wanted health care to protect them for the future (if they couldn't save enough)

- business realized hey we will do that we can make some money (they hire workers to)

- people buy from this company (kinda like a bank, you put money in and if you get hurt they cover you (if you got that package (otherwise it is your fault)))

Now how did something come from non existence to a human right? You see freedom always existed (if you give slavery as an example of how it didn't I could argue the freedom existed but who was defined as good enough to get freedom changed)

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