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don't play with old bombs


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In warzones, unexploded ordnance is a common cause of civilian casualties. In any conflict, a small percentage of ordnance won't detonate for varying reasons, and generally lay around until someone finds them. Unfortunately, kids like to play with these things, and usually end up blowing themselves up. Most militaries have entire teams devoted to recovering and safely detonating these weapons.

I'm guessing the video was aired in North Korea, or a similar country where UXO's or landmines aren't uncommon, to discourage children from playing with UXO's. Although, given that the characters throw it around for a good two minutes, I'm not sure how effective it is on kids.

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Im confuzzled. most of them were fruits, and the red thing was either a tomato with legs, a raddish, or a giant squid. how this is suppost to teach children not to play with bombs is beyond me, but now i want to eat a carrot.

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