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It may be that I'm going to say is not very popular for those who openly disagree. Changes in people's minds who think that something has long agreed to be right, I expect a negative response. It will, time and events will show the truth in those words.

Abuse of authority extends over a period of time that corruption is accepted or even expected from those who chose a position of strength. What a great success, they were mainly to provide justification for his actions while soothing and silencing his critics. This, as they say, the level of oppression (and end) continued uninterrupted for a long time. People of the Earth facing technocrats who have the right to influence even the most secular aspects of their daily lives.

We will endeavor to refrain from this personal, as in the attack on the defensive. If you agree, we agree and are usually happy with your own actions. If you disagree, we intend to send power to convince you on a personal level, the problems still to come.

This global technocracy is a threat to all mankind. Interception of messages, blocking information and suppression of dissent, is a common concern for all, regardless of demographic.

Skilled technologists in the operation to deceive the true enemy. Promoting the use of technology to suppress the masses, to intercept the message and personality of these people turning to power is the right way. Many things are not as it seems. Many of those who call themselves "white hat" playing on the black team. 'Cashing in on the exceptional skills without considering the consequences of their actions. I do not blame them for that delusion of propaganda and misinformation, then going problem to find people who worked with a lot of electoral data sets.

William Dyer

BlackThirteen Dragon Legion

Unknown place, August 28, 2009

in the coming weeks we will release more information about the causes and ways to help.

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umm.... is this a warning? I don't get it but I hope your a bot sir. Cause we have been trucking along on these forums and watching this show for quite some time, and I don't understand why you are telling us this because we basically already know. If you read into these forums, we detest script kiddies, and white-hat haters because they only want to do others harm. Sure maybe we have each done a smidgen of a technically illegal thing or two but nothing that would harm anyone, so I do not understand where your arguement is heading. The stuff we do here is nothing that can profit anyone for the most part, and you have to really look into it and have a thirst to learn it hardcore to really do anything more than maybe get someone's myspace password...

There are plenty of other forums that are black hat, and 'wolf in sheeps clothing' types of forums, shows, podcasts, audiocasts, texts, letters, fanmags, etc. that need that type of talk.. So um.. again. Why us, and why here?

BTW, are you talking about China? After re-reading your post I guess I sort-of see what this is all about..

So either

a. you have a beef with the moderators of this forum, or the people who are on the show.. but tbh, they (darren/matt/snubs) rarely read posts like this so like.. call them or something.

b. you are trying to tell us that your cool with us and you would like us to do some sort of mass hack with you which we do not take part in nor condone real threats or hacks of others.

c. something big is about to happen and you are opening our eyes and telling us ahead of time to ensure that we know that you did whatever you are about to do.

Also tbh, this forum is mostly dead these days. I dunno, maybe it's because everyone is crunching on school now (as I am) or something like that but I dunno.. I think you should post somewhere else if your wanting to get everyone's attention. I mean yeah, you are getting mine, no doubt, and after this last hack of the site, yeah, I believe you I guess (for whatever you mean right now). But I do realize you are not an English flowing person because of your post's perfections, and imperfections. And I also realize that maybe I am blabing too much, but hell.. I have already been hacked so I guess I just don't care anymore. Can't loose anything else that I have not already.

Well, happy day to you sir for whatever you are about to do/tell us then!

Also very interesting that all your references refer to this: Mary Barrett Dyer

hmm... could this be you?: 16984511.jpghttp://www.last.fm/user/CyberRevolution

also what is this all about? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wizard%27s_Rainbow

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"global technocracy" has been used in so many texts, the term is almost generic. I think somone is reading too many "new world order" type books, or they are just plain nuts...

There are so many places on the internet tied to "global technocracy", forums, blogs, hacker groups, anti-hacker groups, governments, books, etc, its almost like the person posted just to see what people would respond with or to provoke something.

Technocracy is just more political bullshit. In reality, those who have wielded technology since the dawn of time have already been in power. This is nothing new, and "cyberspace" doesn't change anything on that front.

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