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multiboot usb help


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guys please help

i followed all the instructions on the episode for multipass episode 524

i have tried everything to get this to work but no luck all i get is a menu that gives me these for options….

find/menu.lst, /boot/grub/menu.lst, /grub/menu.lst




i followed all the instruction i can’t understand why its not working really hope you can help

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What's in your menu.lst?

And read this, http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=13842

hi thanks for your reply in my menu.lst i copied the backtrack 4 coded from the description on the episode details i extracted the bt4 beta files from the iso to my pen drive and renamed the boot folder to bootbt4 so it matched what was in menu.lst so i have no idea why it wont work
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i have just noticed by watching the episode that the menu.lst file in the episode has a file type of masm listing and mine is just a text document could this be what is wrong? i save it as .lst but it doesn't change from a text doc

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try viewing all extentions for all files

i create a menu.list file on my dads vista machine and it failed so i brought it over to linux and noticed is said menu.lst.txt

so be sure your setup isnt the same because that will not work ^^

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ok well i am new to all this but i would like to the sa,e as every one els so please help i am trying to get back track 3

and back track3 running on multi usb like every one els but it dose not seem to happen help me

what i am doing

i have done evert think like darren said mean preping the turke

put usb in my windows vista computer put back track 3 on usb rename it to bootbt3 put all files on the usb





but when i boot it up off usb on my girl friends notebook it says

find /menu.lst, /boot/grub/menu.lst, /grub/menu.lst




but dose not have anything like back track3 or 4 or anything in it please help me what am i doing wron o in menu.lst i have

title BackTrack 3

root (hd0,0) kernel /boot.bt3/vmlinuz vga=0x317 ramdisk_size=6666 root=/dev/ram0 rw quiet



and that is it please help me if some one can get back track 3 and 4 working and give me some help some other times i may need i will be happy to transfer some money in to there paypal or some or send something to ya please help i am in diya need

trust me i am worth helping

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I know what the problem is as stated earlier you have the menu.lst as a text doc so your gonna have to uncheck the option "Hide extensions for known file types"

this will show that you have menu.lst.txt

Just delete the .txt and save

Should work now!

nope wrong sorry

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