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  1. I have had some success with this, however in the kon-boot screen, it hangs at "Booting up! - EOT" Any ideas?
  2. no it does not. i mainly use it for copying cd's and backing up my old dvds.
  3. no, i do not play games on my pc except for some old ones that i bought... the wierd thing is, it will only recognize burnable discs, but not write them...
  4. Hey guys, i have a computer that seems to kill dvd drives. I had a DVD-RW DL writer, and after a while, when i put in a disc(no scratches) it wont recognize it. i swapped out the drive with a working one. in about 3 weeks, the same is starting to happen.....what is going on? help!
  5. Haha...yeah its the Realtek HD Audio software. It used to be pretty sweet until it got dorqued. I would change it to something else but i don't know if any other software supports it. What are you using? If you could give me some links to some alt. software or something it would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Kyle
  6. Thanks guys. Heres what im staring at. There should be a speaker tab at the top, Adjacent to digital output and aux. http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/2964/realtekbb9.jpg[/img] Then, i plug the speaker plug into the green jack. The jack is correct, its the same one i used before it broke. I also plug in the mic cord into the red jack. Also correct. I go to realtek's device manager. I see this: http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/7182/realtek2pp7.jpg[/img]
  7. I have an ACER PC with reaktek HD audio in it. Ever since i plugged in my mic cord into the mic jack of the pc, the audio software won't play through or regognize the imput like it usually does. Ive tried updating drivers and system restore, but nothing works. My worst fear is that my audio chip is fried. But hopefully someone will be able to help me here. . . Thanks, stlbadger AYUDAR!
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