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  1. Nice point, when I originally did this nothing worked. After bypassing this step it work right away.
  2. All the code on this page worked for me perfect. Don't waste your time going through 14 pages..it's all here in one page and it worked perfectly for me on all of them. http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=13922
  3. Jonny190 right, Call oF Duty 5 Zombie mode looks very cool. Personally, one of the best things about the Xbox 360 is the ability to make games free for windows,xbox 360 and zune. Microsoft offers a free XNA IDE to build your games with lots of free tutorials to get started. I'm working on a remake of Mario bros 2d. If you pick up the wired usb xbox 360 controller it works in the xbox or your pc and you can program against it using all its functionality. Microsoft does charge a yearly membership to transfer games to the xbox 360 but not for your pc or zune. You can also sell them on Xbox 360 market place.
  4. I agree, it's all going to come down to how well it works. Its odd how it picked up this girls pony tail in one video, considering it only sees the front image. All in all, the exercise benefits alone would be worth it. Imagine playing call of duty 4 and crawling on your belly, kneeing and running through that game. One game and your spent! I think it will be geared for lower graphic games but even the dodge ball game tired out some the stars who played it.
  5. I have a .9mm and .40 cal stainless Berrettas. My favorite gun I shot was a fully automatic AK-47. Th accuracy was amazing to say the least! I would love to shot a .50 cal barrett.
  6. Nice post...I did a "personal" review a while back and think it would help other thinking of getting it. If you are looking for a cheap voip landline and you already have a cable internet connection you might want to try the magic jack! The magicjack is cheap way to get free calling through out the us and internationally using your cable connection. Setup: Although the company says you can use your personal pc for the best results you need to use a separate PC or a thin client. I don't recommend using your personal computer at all. It's best to build a low cost PC or do what I did...found one someone threw away. Now days you can pick up a cheap PC off craigslist for $50. Requirements: 1: 1 pc with Windows XP 2: 1 cable internet connection 3: Cost $20/year for the device 4: one time fee of $20 for the MagicJack device 5: one landline phone 6: 256 mb of ram Pros: 1: free calls anywhere in the us 2: international call for pennies a minute 3: call waiting 4: voice mail 5: call forwarding to your cell phone 6: easy setup 7: Caller ID 8: $20 a year for service/$59 for 5 years 9: state phone numbers Cons: 1: Some calls are choppy requiring you to call them back to clear the line 2: Some calls just get dropped requiring you to call back 3: Having to find additional equipment 4: Having a PC on 24 hr a day 5: electricity costs for running pc 6: technical support from company 7: reliability 8: Call Waiting - No info on caller calling or there number - you just here the beeping Other issues: 1: When the callers battery is low(issues) 2: Some Cisco phone systems for corporate offices Summary: One thing worth mentioning is if you are not technically savvy, you should not attempt such a project. Magicjacks online support is below par. Personally, I've never needed to call them but a lot of others have. It's true you get what you pay for, but if you can withstand the occasional dropped call or fuzzy connection it is worth the $20 dollars you spend for the service a year. I found a 1.2 Duron AMD on the berm during spring clean up week here in my home town and this is sufficient to run the connection. It has 512 mb of memory and almost all the services have been turned off on the pc. It is only used to servicing the voip phone connection. I use a Vtech 5.7 ghz cordless phone bought at Walmart for $19. I don't pay for electricity in my apt. so that is one advantage for me. I got rid of my $50 a month Verizon cell phone contract and saved $580/year using the magicjack . All in all, I am pretty happy with the product after nearly one year of using it!
  7. All this talk about gaming I can't believe no posts on Microsofts Project Natal for Xbox 360. Here a link to see Jimmy Fallon playing with the new device. Personally, I think this will revolutionize gaming if they can get it to work with games like Call Of Duty 4 or 5. jimmyfallon
  8. Personally, my advise, if you are starting programming for the first time,Thompson Netg C# 1.0 training and it was the best example of syntax and explanations I've seen over anything else I've read. I've read probably 20 books and every free video online imaginable and it wasn't really till that course that I started understand more advanced topics of C# coming from no programming experience. If you truly want to learn, read every book you can find and look at other peoples code(codeproject.com). Sit down and work through some of the popular names spaces and classes and try to learn as many as possible. Expect to spend a few years practicing and reading to get to a professional level. I will tell you this, the pay is well worth it!
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