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  1. if you would like to see a pic then please visit http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...=STRK:MESELX:IT as it is now on ebay
  2. if you would like to see a pic then please visit http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...=STRK:MESELX:IT as it is now on ebay
  3. to turn of bridged connection go into control panel then network connections and delete the bridge ps what dhcp and also do u have msn
  4. fogot to put price lol 25.00 ponds and postage to ware ever u are
  5. now every one keeps say look for help in FORUMS but i can not find shi* in the FORUMS so please people help me with my fon/jasager on how to use it any help would be nice thanks thanks
  6. Hi every one i am selling my fonera/jasager for cheap as i do not no how to use it lol so i fort i would put it on here for sale because some one will no how to thanks fon2100 open to offers best offer will get it ps i will send but u will have to pay for posting it to u from marcus
  7. hi i see u are looking for a fon well i am selling my fon it has jasager already on it so all u have to do is plug and play up to you im selling it for cheap also ps i live in uk so i will post or pick up but u will have to pay for postage but up to u email me on dead_virus87@hotmail.com from marcus
  8. hi so are u lot making a walk throught becausae i want to get a fon but i do not no what i will be able to do with it so please could you email me back telling me what i will be able to do with a pineapple and also is it worth me making one my self or buying one from hak shop my email address is dead_virus87@hotmail.com i also have msn would be nice to talk about fon and hacking and a lot more from marcus
  9. ok ever one i did as you asked i did a video of what is going wrong please try and help more now go here to find the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKEIdKzJpZQ...re=channel_page thanks from marcus
  10. mine is called menu.lst so what should i rename it to
  11. please people help me i have just got a bricked fon and i have no idear how to unbrick it so please send me links in any way pos please help me thanks
  12. im still getting the menu.lst could not be found
  13. also what is the dif bettween the fons used for diffrent thing but like what
  14. so u have the fon+ and the fon 2100 so no one has the fon2.0 ps do u want to sell the fon 2100
  15. please can any one who has got a pineapple from the hak5 shop please tell me what do i get when i buy a pineapple from hak5 shop thanks
  16. 1.... hi every one what linux should i use on a notebook 2.... hi every one what linux should i use on a pc
  17. hi every one i am new to all this i am wanting to make a jasager=the yes man but/ pinapple there are 3 fons in total and i do not no which one i should buy because darren is using the fon2100 for the pinapples also darren is using the fon+ for the monkey and plus i can not find anything to do with hacking the fon 2.0. i like the 2.0 because it is new and because it has usb so i realy could use that but dose it do the same as the fon2100 meaning hacking wifi and everything els if not y should i get this one because i am going to be usaing it for hacking and downloading when my pc is off which i have seen u can do. plus if i flash it or do what ever it taks to be abale to use it as a hacking tool will i still be able to use the usb and all other bits and bobs please get back to me asap thanks
  18. so i will take it as no one can help with this prob
  19. i would like to say to u fuck off and stop being rude i have done nothing wrong to u
  20. hi i done what u said about the command line i come as c drive so i did on there and did find any thing so i typed f: and it switch to F: and then i typed in F: F:menu.lst and did not find it so i typed what u put F:dir menu.lst and nothing so what is it and what is next
  21. i check what u said about menu.lst.txt and it is not that so what els is there
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