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Have You Guys Tried BF:Heroes


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I signed up for it and played a while on my laptop. It's pretty damn fun I must say. I tried adding it to my desktop but it just won't work. Oh, well.....

edit: Oh yeah, I haven't played in a while so I forget my guys name....

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From the very LITTLE I played it was fun, But I emphasize little because it took me and my friend over 3 hours to get in the same server, and when we were finally in, the server was glitched and it wouldn't populate the other team. After more attempts we finally got in a server with a decent number of people. Then a hacker with green skin joined and insta-killed everyone on our team over and over again.

But apart from that it was fun!

EDIT: I just found out that it was in early beta when I was playing it so disregard the above.

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