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I am trying to get into video production. nothing too serious but eventually i would like to publish them on the web so i need something feature packed. i know premiere pro is the big dog on the block but i don't have the money for it so i am looking for a free alternative for linux or windows. i need to encode in various formats like flash and eventually hd (when i get an hd camera). any suggestions?

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Free as in free beer...Use windows movie maker, export as dv(AVI file) and then upload to some place that converts them to other formats for you, like Blip.tv or youtube.

Read my tutorial on making HD videos in Movie Maker for windows: http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic...;hl=movie+maker

Easiest prx scripts for HD wmv files:

12/29/2008 11:47 PM         6592 WMV-HD-1280x720-30fps.prx
 3/13/2006  3:37 AM         6580 WMV-HD-1280x720.prx
 3/13/2006  3:32 AM         6590 WMV-HD-1440x1080.prx
 3/13/2006  3:32 AM         6590 WMV-HD-1920x1080.prx
 3/13/2006  3:32 AM         6572 WMV-HD-960x720.prx
1/10/2009  4:52 AM         6560 YouTube-MM-HD-PapaJohn.prx


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I hate to say this, but in all honesty FOSS has yet to get close to taking on the likes of Adobe's CS software. There is Cinelerra, Avidemux or Cinepaint Film but if your a student who isn't working full time I would say pirate Premier. Its simply the best video editing program I've used (especially when combined with Adobe After Effects). I hate to advocate piracy (and I'm not going to help you find a link, you should be able to manage that), but I have to admit that while I was a university student the only reason I could do some of the work I was able to do was because I pirated Abobe software. I do now own a legit version of Photoshop.

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Well if you are a student like VaKo was, you could probably use Final Cut or Premier in an on-campus lab. Or at the very least, qualify for an educational discount. How about Sony Vegas -- isn't that what Darren/Paul use to put Hak5 together?

Whatever you do, check out a book or some videos on using the software. For years, I was wasting time dragging around clips on the timeline when I could have been using much more powerful methods of placing the right amount of video into the right spot. Now that I've bothered to learn, my video editing projects are going much faster.

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Labs are good, but unless yours is open 24/7 it can be a problem. Mine shut at 8PM, so by pirating the software I could do 4-5hrs extra work. And educational discounts are ok, but 30% off of 999 is still 600 more than most students can afford to spend. Students pirating software is essentially a free training program for the company, no one is making any money at this point anyway so by the time students do start earning from there work they are locked into using specific products.

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How about Sony Vegas -- isn't that what Darren/Paul use to put Hak5 together?

They used to use Vegas, but now they use Adobe too. I use Vegas. I can't speak for everyone but its more than fine for personal projects or tutorials you want to post up on the net. Get yourself the platinum version and you can do HD if you've got an HD camera. For ~130$ it can do just about everything you'd want and if you don't want to pirate software its perfect compared to paying $300+ for Adobe.

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